Mrs. Giacalone

Week of September 25, 2017

5th Grade
The class will continue their study of the First Americans. They will be explaining how geographic factors influenced the migration of people from Asia to North America. They will be describing how the first Americans used natural resources to meet their needs. Lastly, they will be identifying the early people of North America.

9/25: Worksheet- Coming to the Americas

9/26: Review your vocabulary… Three Strikes and You’re Out tomorrow!

9/27: STUDY!

9/28: STUDY! Jeopardy- Tuesday and Test- Thursday: The First Americans on pages 56-59. 10 Jeopardy questions and answers are due on Tuesday.

9/29: STUDY!

6th Grade
The students will continue their study of how people adapted to their societies during the Stone Age. They will be exploring how technology led to the expansion and survival of early civilizations. The class will discuss how hunting and gathering cause early people to become nomads. Lastly, the students will analyze how people survived the Ice Ages.

9/25: Finish the outline that you started in class on The Paleolithic Age pages 54-56.
Worksheet- Building Communities

9/26: Finish the outline that you started in class on pages 56-59.

STUDY! Jeopardy-Friday and Test- Monday: Hunter-Gatherers on pages 54-61. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Friday.

9/27: STUDY!

9/28: STUDY! Jeopardy questions are due tomorrow!

9/29: The class will be playing Jeopardy today.
STUDY! Test-Monday

7th Grade
This students will begin their study of early Native American societies. They will be discussing that many Native American cultures developed across the different geographic regions of North America. They will also be exploring how geographic areas influenced Native American cultures. Lastly, the students will be exploring the Native American religion.

9/25: Finish the worksheet on Native American Culture Areas.
STUDY! Quiz- Thursday: Native American Cultures on pages 10-15.

9/26: Finish answering the questions from class.

9/27: STUDY! Quiz-tomorrow!

9/28: The class will be taking a quiz on Native American Cultures.

8th Grade
The students will continue the study of the Civil War. They will be focussing on how Union and Confederate forces fought for control of Virginia. They will be discussing how the Battle of Antietam gave the North a slight advantage. Lastly, the class will be analyzing how the Confederacy attempted to break the Union naval blockade.

9/25: Create riddles for the Key Terms and People on page 516. Makes sure that your illustrations are completed because the class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Riddle Game tomorrow.

9/26: Read- The War in Virginia on pages 516-518. Then answer the questions below.
1.What was the first major battle of the Civil War, and which side won?
2.Who became the leader of the main Union army, and what was the army called?
3.Who became the new leader of the Confederate army, and what skills did he bring to the job?
4.Describe the Seven Days Battle. Be detailed!
5.How did Jacksons defeat of General Popes Union forces at the Second Battle of Bull Run affect Lees plans?

STUDY! Quiz- Friday: The War in the East pages 516-521.

9/27: Read and Outline: Breaking the Unions Blockade on pages 520-521.

9/28:STUDY! Quiz- tomorrow

2/29: The class will be taking a quiz on The War in the East pages 516-521.
This week the class will be practicing how to find readings in the Bible, and they will become familiar with the Bible. The class will also be discussing the ways that we get to know God.

9/25: Make a postcard of a scene that reminds you of God. In a caption on the card, explain why the scene makes you think of God.

9/26: STUDY! Test- Friday: Gods Revelation- pages 20-30.

9/27& 9/28: STUDY!

9/29: The class will be taking a test on Chapter 1; Gods Revelation.