Mrs. Giacalone

Week of November 25th, 2019


1). Cheesecakes will be going home on Tuesday, November 26th. 

2). Wednesday, November 27th:

A). 8:30 a.m. school mass

B). Class celebration-Wednesday, November 27th. Please bring in what you have mentioned in class last week!

 C). 12:30 p.m. Dismissal-Wednesday, November 27th

3). School resumes on Monday, December 2nd. 


Grade 5

  This week the students will continue working on their European exploration projects.  They will be using their Chromebooks to complete a project on early European explorers.  They will continue working with a partner to discuss the reasons for their explorer’s explorations, the country that sponsored the voyages, the hardships that their explorer faced, and the successes/failures of his explorations. Lastly, the students will also be creating a time line of the explorer’s life. The students will be following a detailed rubric to guide them throughout the project. This project will be done during social studies class. 

11/25: All of the paragraphs for your project need to be completed.  If you did not finished them in class today, make sure that you finish them for homework.

6th Grade

  This week the students will be continuing their study of Ancient Mesopotamia.  They will be working with partners to create a Mesopotamian city-state based on what we have studied.  The groups will be following a detailed rubric to guide them throughout the project.

11/25: The written part of your Mesopotamian City-State Project is due tomorrow. 

11/26: Everyone will be presenting their Mesopotamian City-State Project today.

7th Grade

   This week the students will begin their study of the Spanish empire in North and South Americas.  They will explore how the Spanish conquistadors conquered the Aztec and Inca empires.  They will also be discussing how the Spanish explorers traveled through the borderlands of New Spain, claiming more land.  Lastly, the students will be analyzing how the Spanish treated the Native Americans and the negative impact this treatment had on their population.

11/25: Section Assessment on page 51 #s 1-3. This assignment will be collected and graded!

11/26: Finish creating the visual depicting the changes that the Native American population went through during the Age of Exploration.

8th Grade

  The students will be discussing that the growth of big business in the late 1800s led to the creation of monopolies. They will be focussing on important business leaders such as: Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockerfeller, and Leland Stanford.  Lastly, the class will be exploring the idea of Social Darwinism and why the Congress passed the Sherman Antitrust Act.

11/25: Create meanings, illustrations, and riddles for the Key Terms and People on page 619.  Make sure that you have completed your illustrations because the class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Riddle Games tomorrow.



The students will be continuing to practice for the Christmas Play.

11/25: STUDY! Quiz- Monday: The Act of Contrition