Mrs. Giacalone

Week of May 13th, 2019


1). Our May Crowning will be taking place on Tuesday, May 14th.

2). Third Trimester Progress Reports will be going home on Wednesday, May 15th.

3). Third Trimester Progress Reports are due back on Thursday, May 16th.

4). OLGCA’s Spring Festival will begin on Wednesday, May 15th-Sunday, May 19th.


 5th Grade

  This week the students will be identifying the causes and effects of the French and Indian War.  They will be discussing significant individuals such as George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Lastly, the students will be exploring the importance of the Albany Plan of Union in the development of the United States. 

5/14: Open Book Test- French and Indian War- Must be completed and handed in tomorrow.

5/15: Create illustrations for the vocabulary words on page 280.  The class will be playing the Vocabulary Game tomorrow.

5/16: Create riddles for the vocabulary words from “Colonists Speak Out” (page 280).

           Test must be signed and corrected.

6th Grade

  This week the students will begin their study of Ancient Greece.  They will be exploring the geography of Greece and discuss how geography influenced the lives of the early Greeks.  They will also be examining the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations.  Lastly, the students will be discussing how Greek city-states created the idea of citizenship.

5/13: Finish creating illustrations for the vocabulary words on pages 174-182.  The class will be playing Pick the the Pic tomorrow.

5/14: Read and Outline: “Mountains and the Sea” and “An Island Civilization” on pages 174-176.

5/15: Worksheet: “Greek City-states”


5/16:   STUDY!

5/17: The class will be taking an open book test on “Rise of Greek Civilization” on pages 174-182.

7th Grade

  The students will begin their study of the U.S. Constitution.  They will be discussing that the purpose of the Constitutional Convention was to improve the government of the United States.  They will also be analyzing how the issue of the representation led to the Great Compromise. Lastly, they will be examining the Constitution (the branches of government, checks and balances, the amendments, federalism, and popular sovereignty).

5/13: Sharpen Up Worksheet Packet: Finish reading, highlighting, taking notes, and answering  the Quick Review questions for pages 74-76 (Stop after the Quick Review #3).

5/15: Finish reading, highlighting, taking notes and answering the Quick Review questions for pages 78-79.

    STUDY! Jeopardy- Friday and Test- Monday: “The U.S. Constitution”- (Sharpen Up Packet). 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Friday.

5/16: Complete the Sharpen Up Worksheet Packet (78-80).

5/17: STUDY! 

8th Grade

  Over the next few weeks the students will be reviewing for the final by creating a board game on all of the topics we studied in Social Studies class this year.  They will be creating questions based on information from the Final Review Sheet.  They will be working with partners, and they will be following a detailed rubric.

5/9: Final Review Project: Board Game- Rough Draft, directions, and materials are due on Tuesday, May 14th.

5/13: Rough draft, directions, and materials for your board game are due tomorrow.


This week the students will be exploring the Israelites journey to the promised land.  They will be discussing the Ten Commandments and the new covenant.  They will be examining all the ways in which God helped the Israelites reach freedom.

5/9: STUDY! Test- Wednesday: “A Free People” on pages 108-118.

5/13: STUDY!

5/14: STUDY!

5/15: The class will be taking a test on “A Free People”.