Mrs. Giacalone

Week of January 28th, 2019


1). Catholic Schools Week Schedule:

A). Monday, January 28th-Volleyball Game for Grades 5-8 in the afternoon (Sports Day-wear your favorite sports jersey.)

B). Tuesday, January 29th-Occupational Day (If you are not dressing up, you must wear your school uniform.)

C). Wednesday, January 30th- Color Day- (Grade 6’s color is gray.)

D). Student Appreciation Day-Ice-cream/ Buddy Bingo/Pajama Day

E). Teacher Appreciation Day, Friday, February 1st, -12:00 P.M. Dismissal

5th Grade

  The students will begin their study of the English colonies- focusing on the Jamestown Colony.  They will be exploring the achievements of leaders such as John Smith and John Rolfe. They will also be analyzing the ways that the English colonists adapted to and modified their environment to meet their basic needs.  Lastly, they will be discussing the various ways by which Jamestown was governed.

1/28: STUDY! Test Wednesday on Longitude and Latitude. Please study from the worksheets and textbook (pages 50-51).  You should also practice finding locations of places using the lines of longitude and latitude.

1/29: STUDY!

1/30: The class will be taking a test on Longitude and Latitude.

1/30: Finish creating meanings and illustrations for the vocabulary word on page 160.  Make sure that your illustrations are completed because the class will be playing the Vocabulary Game.


6th Grade

 The students will continue their study of ancient Egypt.  They will be focusing on the religious practices of the ancient Egyptians. They will be exploring the practice of mummification and how embalming lead to knowledge of the human body and why ancient Egyptians had a positive view of the afterlife.  The students will also be exploring the pyramids and why the pharaohs had them constructed. 

1/28: Worksheet: “Pyramid Tombs” on pages 113-115.

1/30: Finish worksheet (“Daily Life”).  Use pages 116-119 to help you.

    STUDY! Jeopardy- Tuesday and Test- Wednesday: “Life in Ancient Egypt” on pages 108-119. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Tuesday.

2/1: STUDY! Jeopardy questions are due on Tuesday!


7th Grade

  This week the students will be continuing their study of the English Colonies.  They will be using their knowledge of the New England, Middle Atlantic, and Southern colonies to create a Netflix Guide.  

   The students will also be analyzing what life was like in the English colonies.  They will be discussing how colonial governments were influenced by political changes in England and how English trade laws limited free trade in the colonies.  The class will also be examining how the Great Awakening and Enlightenment led to ideas of political equality among many colonists.  Lastly, the students will be discussing the causes and effects of the French and Indian War.

1/28: Netflix Project Presentations will begin on Thursday.  Please go over the rubric with your partner, and make sure that you are not missing any information!


8th Grade

 The students will continue their study of the Progressive Era.  They will be focusing on how Progressives worked to reform the workplace.  They will be discussing how reformers attempted to improve conditions for child laborers.  They will also be analyzing the steps unions and reformers took to improve safety in the workplace and to limit working hours.  The students will also be examining the temperance movement, woman’s suffrage, and how African American reformers challenged discrimination and called for equality.

1/28: Key Terms and People on page 675-use context clues to create meanings.  Then create illustrations.  The class will be playing Pick the Pic tomorrow!

1/30: Journal Topic: Imagine that you are a Progressive journalist in the early 1900s.  You have just witnessed the suffragists’ rally pictured on pages 676-677 and must write a front page article for their local newspaper.  Your article needs to be very descriptive to make readers feel as if they had witnessed the event.  You need to include imaginary quotations from people who might have lived during this and had varying opinions.  This assignment must be typed and illustrated and is due on Friday. This assignment will be graded as a Journal Topic. 

STUDY! Jeopardy- Wednesday and Test- Thursday: “Reforming the Workplace” and “The Rights of Women and Minorities” pages 670-679. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Wednesday.

1/31: Journal Topic is due tomorrow.


2/1: STUDY!


  This week the students will be learning about our ancestors in faith-the patriarchs.  They will be analyzing why God chose Abraham to the the father of his people.  They will also be discussing how the Israelites became God’s people and how God took care of them.

1/29:  Complete the We Respond Activity: “Advice Columnist” on page 73.

1/31: STUDY! Test- Thursday: “The Patriarchs:God Chooses a People” on pages 68-78.  Ten Dart Game questions are due on Tuesday.

2/1: STUDY!