Mrs. Giacalone

Week of January 21st, 2019


1). Monday, January 21st-School Closed-Martin Luther King Jr. Day

2). All classes must have a book of choice for SSR starting this week. 

3). Pennies for Patients Assembly Kick-Off will take place on Friday, January 25th. 

4). Catholic School Week begins starting at our Mass on Sunday, January 27th- 12:00 P.M. which will be followed by our Open House at school. 


5th Grade

   The students will continue their study of New France.  They will be exploring where and why the French explored and settled in North America.  They will also be discussing the conflicts the French had with the English, Dutch, and Spanish.  Lastly, the students will be identifying French explorers of the Americas and their contributions.

    The students will also be discussing longitude and latitude.  They will be using lines of latitude and longitude to determine exact locations of places on earth.

1/22-1/24: Students will be working on their  “New France Advertisements”.

1/25: STUDY! Test- Wednesday: Longitude and Latitude.  Study from the worksheets and pages 50-51 in the textbook.

6th Grade

  The students will continue their study of ancient Egypt.  They will be focusing on the religious practices of the ancient Egyptians.  They will be exploring the practice of mummification, how embalming lead to knowledge of the human body, and why ancient Egyptians had a positive view of the afterlife.  The students will also be exploring the pyramids and why the pharaohs had them constructed. Lastly, the class will be discussing daily life in ancient Egypt.

1/18: Canopic Jar Project- Materials and research are due on Tuesday! 

       STUDY! Vocabulary Quiz- Friday!

1/22-1/25: In class the students will be working on creating their canopic jars.

1/22:  Worksheets- “Egypts Early Rulers” and “Religion in Egypt” on pages 108-112, then answer the questions on the worksheet.

1/23:  Worksheet: “Notes on Ancient Egypt”


1/24: STUDY! Quiz tomorrow!

You must finish the informational wrap for your canopic jar.  Make sure that you are following the rubric and your wrap has everything you need on it.

1/25:  The class will be taking a vocabulary quiz on the words from “ Life in Ancient Egypt”.

7th Grade

  This week the students will be continuing their study of the English Colonies.  They will be using their knowledge of the New England, Middle Atlantic, and Southern colonies to create a Netflix Guide.  

1/22-1/25: Netflix Project- The English Colonies: Pretend you are a producer for a new series on Netflix the focuses on the English colonies.  You and a partner must decide if you want to focus on either the New England Colonies, Middle Colonies, or the Southern Colonies.  The series must have ten episodes. Each episode must have its own title, illustration, and description.  You will have to follow the rubric that was handed out in class!


1/23: Netflix Project:  Rough draft must be completed today! All groups will be working on their final draft tomorrow!

1/24: All typed materials are due tomorrow!

8th Grade

 The students will be focusing on how Progressives worked to reform the workplace.  They will be discussing how reformers attempted to improve conditions for child laborers.  They will also be analyzing the steps unions and reformers took to improve safety in the workplace and to limit working hours.

1/22: Worksheet- “Child Workers in Factories and Mines”: Read, highlight, and create three discussion questions (one question must be a higher order thinking question).

Research the following statement: “Children under the age of 16 will not be permitted to work in factories, mills, and mines in the United States of America.” You will be using this research to create a debate on child labor.

1/23-1/24: Work on your part for the debate on child labor! Groups will be debating tomorrow!

1/25: Debate on child labor.


  This week the students will be learning about our ancestors in faith-the patriarchs.  They will be analyzing why God chose Abraham to the the father of his people.  They will also be discussing how the Israelites became God’s people and how God took care of them.