Mrs. Giacalone

Week of February 25th, 2019


1). School will resume on Monday, February 25th.

2). Please continue to donate to Pennies for Patients!


5th Grade

This week the students will also continue their study of the Plymouth Colony.  They will be discussing why the English settlers came to settle in this colony.  They will be identifying the origins of representative government in the United States, and they will be analyzing the impact religion had on the Plymouth settlement.  Lastly, the class will be exploring the relationship between the American Indians and the Plymouth colonists.

2/25: Finish outlining “The Mayflower Compact” on pages 166-168.

2/26: Finish outlining “Plymouth Colony” on pages 168-169.

2/27: STUDY! Quiz- Monday: “The Plymouth Colony” on pages 166-170.  

2/28: STUDY! Three Strikes and You’re Out!

3/1: STUDY! Quiz- Monday: “The Plymouth Colony”.

6th Grade

This week the class will be discussing in detail Egypt’s Empires.  They will be examining the Golden Age of Egypt and how the empire expanded in size, power, and also in art.  They will be exploring the reign of Queen Hatshepsut and why she was an important part of ancient Egyptian history.  Lastly, the class will be analyzing how Amenhotep IV and King Tutankhamen changed Egypt.

2/25: STUDY! Quiz- Thursday: “Egypt’s Empires” on pages 120-127. Ten Dart Game questions are due on Thursday.

2/26: Read and Outline: “Recovery and Decline” on pages 126-127.


2/27: Finish answering questions from the Lesson Review on page 127.    Ten Dart Game questions are also due tomorrow!

2/28:  STUDY! Quiz- tomorrow! Ten Dart Game questions are also due tomorrow!

3/1: The class will be taking a quiz on “Egypt’s Empires”.

7th Grade

  This week the students will be discussing the events that led up to the American Revolution.   They will be analyzing how the British efforts to raise taxes on the colonies sparked major protest in the colonies.  They will be discussing in detail the Boston Massacre and the Boston Tea Party and how Britain responded to colonial actions by passing the Intolerable Acts.

2/25: Create riddles for the Key Terms and People on page 98.  Makes sure that your illustrations are completed because the class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Riddle Game tomorrow!

           Test- signed and corrected.

2/27: Complete the worksheet- “Great Britain Raises Taxes”. This assignment will be collected and graded as a Journal Topic!

2/28: STUDY! Jeopardy- Tuesday and Test- Wednesday: “Conflict in the Colonies” on pages 98-103.  20 Jeopardy questions are due on Tuesday.

3/1: STUDY! 

8th Grade

   The students will continue their study of America as a world power.  They class will be analyzing when, why, and how the United States ended its policy of isolationism.  They will be discussing how Hawaii became a U.S. territory and why the United States sought trade with Japan and China.


2/25: Read “Hawaii Becomes a Territory”  and “Biography: Liliuokiani”on page 694.  Then answer the questions below:

  1. What happened in 1875 that helped the Hawaiian sugar industry to grow?
  2. What effect do you think the growing power of the planters had on the Hawaiian monarchy?
  3. Why do you think Liliuokalani was a symbol of Hawaiian pride?

       Quiz- signed and corrected,

2/26: STUDY! Quiz- Friday: “U.S. Gains Overseas Territories” on pages 692-696. 

2/27: Section Assessment on page 696 #s1-4

         STUDY! Quiz Friday on “U.S. Gains Overseas Territories”.  Quiz Monday on the Map of Europe.

2/28: STUDY!

3/1: The class will be taking a test on “U.S. Gains Overseas Territories”.

STUDY! Map Quiz of Europe- Monday!


  This week the students will learn about the Israelites, their enslavement in Egypt, and the Exodus.  They will be  examining Moses’ life and discussing why God chose him to lead his people.  They will also be exploring how God helped His people and guided them to freedom.