Mrs. Giacalone

Week of February 10th, 2020


1). Progress Reports will go home on Tuesday, February 11th.

2). Progress Reports must be returned on Thursday, February 13th.

3). $2.00 Dress Down Day-Friday, February 14th

4). Please continue to donate to Pennies for Patients! Thank you to everyone who has already donated!

5). Mid-winter recess-Monday, February 17th-Friday, February 21st. School resumes on Monday, February 24th.


5th Grade

The students will continue their study of New France.  They will be exploring where and why the French explored and settled in North America.  They will also be discussing the conflicts the French had with the English, Dutch, and Spanish.  Lastly, the students will be identifying French explorers of the Americas and their contributions.

2/10-2/13: The students will be working independently on creating their New France Advertisements.  They will be following a detailed rubric and using their Chromebooks to complete this project.

2/13: Rough draft of the paragraph for your New France Advertisement is due tomorrow. 

6th Grade

  The students will continue their study of ancient Egypt.  They will be focusing on the religious practices of the ancient Egyptians.  They will be exploring the practice of mummification, how embalming lead to knowledge of the human body, and why ancient Egyptians had a positive view of the afterlife.  The students will also be exploring the pyramids and why the pharaohs had them constructed. Lastly, the class will be discussing daily life in ancient Egypt.

2/7: Canopic Jar Project- Materials and research are due on Monday! This week in class the students will be working independently to create an ancient Egyptian canopic jar.  They will be using their Chromebooks to research their specific god and what these jars were used for. 

2/10: Worksheet: “Who’s Who?”

2/11: Worksheet: “Egyptian Trivia”

2/12: Worksheet: “Ancient Egypt Crossword Puzzle”

2/13: You must finish the informational wrap for your canopic jar.  Make sure that you are following the rubric and your wrap has everything you need on it.


7th Grade

  This week the class will continue their study of the English Colonies- focusing on the Middle Colonies.  They will be discussing how the English created New York and New Jersey from former Dutch territory.  They will also exploring the founding of Pennsylvania.  Lastly, the students will be analyzing the economy of the Middle colonies and comparing and contrasting the economies of all the English colonies.

2/10:  Read and Outline: “New York and New Jersey” on pages 85-86.

STUDY! Quiz- Friday: “The Middle Colonies” on pages 85-87.  10 Dart Game questions are due on Thursday.

2/11: Journal Topic: Finish the interview questions and answers for William Penn.  Make sure you’re using factual information when creating these questions and answers. This assignment will be collected and graded.

2/12: STUDY! Dart Game questions are due tomorrow.

2/13: The class will be playing the Dart Game to review “The Middle Colonies”.


8th Grade

The students will begin their study of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era.  They will be discussing why political corruption was common during the Gilded Age and how Progressives pushed for reforms to improve living conditions. Lastly, they will be analyzing how certain reforms expanded the voting power of citizens.

2/10: Create riddles for the Key Terms and People on page 662.  Make sure that your illustrations are completed because the class will be playing the Vocabulary Game tomorrow!

2/13: Finish creating questions for “Progressives Push for Reforms” on pages 664-666.

2/13:STUDY! Jeopardy- Wednesday (2/25) Test-Thursday (2/26): “The Gilded Age and The Progressive Movement” on pages 662-667. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Tuesday.



  This week the students will be learning about our ancestors in faith- the patriarchs.  They will be analyzing why God chose Abraham to the the father of his people.  They will also be discussing how the Israelites became God’s people and how God took care of them.

2/10: STUDY! Test- Wednesday: “God Chooses a People” on pages 68-78.  10 Dart Game questions are due on Tuesday.

2/11: Finish pages 76-78.  STUDY!

2/12: STUDY!