Mrs. Giacalone

Week of October 23, 2017

Mrs. Giacalone

5th-8th Grade Social Studies

6th Grade Religion


1). On Monday, October 23rd, the Cheesecake Sale ends.

2). On Monday. October 23rd, winter uniform begins.

3). On Tuesday, October 24th, Progress Reports will be distributed; please have these signed and brought back by Thursday, October 26th. 

4). On Friday, October 27th, the Pumpkin Patch will be taking place.

5). The Halloween Dance is Friday, October 27th from 5 p.m.- 8 p.m.


5th Grade
The students will be ending their study of the lives of the Ancient Indians. They will be describing the type of settlements these ancient peoples lived in. They will be exploring the impact that technology and agriculture had on the Indians.
The students will begin their study of the world in the 1400s. They will be identifying powerful Native American empires in Central and South America. They will be exploring the changes brought about by the Renaissance, and analyzing the economic motivations for exploration in Asia.

10/20: STUDY! Quiz- Wednesday: “Ancient Indians” on pages 62-67.

10/23: Dart Game questions are due tomorrow!

10/24: STUDY! Quiz tomorrow!

10/25: The class will be taking a quiz on “Ancient Indians”.

10/26: Create sentences for the vocabulary words on page 106. Be sure that your sentences are explaining the words without using definitions! Also, make sure that your illustrations are complete because the class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Sentence Game tomorrow.

Quiz- signed and corrected.

6th Grade
This week, the students will begin their study of Mesopotamia. They will become familiar with the geography Mesopotamia and how it grew into a civilization with the help of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. The students will also be analyzing how the Sumerians lived-focusing on their religious practices and social groups. Lastly, the class will be discussing the ideas and inventions that the helped the Sumerians prosper.

10/24: Create riddles for the vocabulary words on pages 76-83. Make sure that your illustrations are completed because the class will be playing Pick the Pic and The Riddle Game tomorrow.

10/26: Finish the worksheet on “The First Civilization” on pages 76-78. Then answer the question below.
1. Archaeologists have found many artifacts that provided information about early Mesopotamian civilization. What do you think some of these artifacts might have been? Provide two details to support your answer.

7th Grade
This week, the students will begin their study of European exploration. They will analyze the voyages that the vikings took to North America and discuss the reasons why they didn’t set up permanent colonies. They will also be discussing the impact that Prince Henry of Portugal had on ocean exploration. Lastly, the students will be examining the voyages of explorers such as: Dias, Da Gama, Columbus, and Magellan, and the impact they had on trade, travel, and new settlements in the Americas.

10/24: Journal Topic: If you were going to establish a new settlement, what factors would you consider when choosing a location? Describe the perfect place for your settlement. This assignment must be typed and illustrated.

10/25: Read: “A Sea Route to Asia on pages 40-41. Then answer the questions below:
1.What was the outcome of Bartolomeu Dias’s expedition along the African coast?
2.Do you think the Indians welcomed Vasco da Gama when he reached Calicut? Explain your answer.
3.Who was the first explorer to find a sea route from Europe to Asia?
4.Which explorer reached the southern tip of Africa?
5.How would continued exploration affect Africans?

Explorer Map- Make sure that you are adding the voyages of the explorers we have discussed on your map. This map will be counted as a question on your next test.

10/26: Finish the Section Assessment on page 41 #s 1-3.

8th Grade
This week, the students will be continuing their study of the Civil War. They will be examining how the Union tried to divide the Confederate Army at Fredericksburg, but the attempt failed. They will also be discussing what the Battle of Gettysburg was a major turning point in the war. Lastly, the students will be discussing how the Union campaigns in the East and South dealt with crippling blows to the Confederacy, and how in 1865, the Union troops forced the South to surrender, ending the Civil war.

10/20: STUDY! Jeopardy- Monday & Test- Tuesday. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Monday.

10/23: The class will be playing Jeopardy today.

10/24: The class will be taking a test on “Daily Life During the War”.

10/25-10/27: The students will be working in groups to create a story board explaining the end of the Civil War. They will be following a detailed rubric that was handed out and discussed in class.
*Section 5 Assessment page 534 #s 1-4 is due on Monday. This assignment must be typed and will be graded as a quiz.

10/26: Journal Topic: A passionate abolitionist named John Brown came up with an interesting scheme in 1857. His plan was to invade the South, liberate the slaves, and create a free state for the ex-slaves. In an attempt to provide slaves with weapons, he attacked an arsenal in Harpers Ferry, Virginia, and several innocent people lost their lives. Brown was tried for treason and murder, found guilty, and hanged. Was John Brown a murderer or a martyr? Explain your answer. This assignment must be typed, and it will be graded.

10/27 Section 5 Assessment is due on Monday!


This week, the students will be working on a “Saint Book Jacket” Project in honor of All Saint’s Day.  Using research, the students will provide a creative title and picture that represents their saint for their cover.  Within the book, they will provide 15 chapter titles that describe important facts and information about the saint’s life and two symbols that represent the saint and are explained throughly.  Lastly, on the back cover, they will incorporate a summary about their saint’s life. They were given a detailed rubric to follow.

10/20: Saint research and materials are due on Tuesday.

10/23: Today, the students will begin working on their “Saint Book Jacket” project. They should have plenty of research, pictures, and other materials for this project.

10/25: Saint Project: Chapter Titles are due completed and typed tomorrow.

10/26: Saint Project: Summary is due typed tomorrow.