Ms. Amuso

Week of June 5th-June 9th


1). 7th Grade Italian Final, Wednesday, June 7th

2). Religion Final-Friday, June 9th

3). ELA Final-Monday, June 12th

4). Science Final-Tuesday, June 13th

5). Social Studies Final, Thursday, June 15th

6). Math Final-Friday, June 16th

*Although written reading logs are no longer mandatory for certain days, please continue to read your novels independently each night. The more you read, not only will your vocabulary skills increase, but you will become a better reader and writer.* =)

Grades 5, 6, and 7-

This week, the students will be using their E.L.A Final Review Sheet to develop a game that reflects various topics learned throughout the year in E.L.A. They will begin by brainstorming ideas with group members. They will have a rubric to follow that includes specific guidelines and will develop their creative game in class; we will also be playing Jeopardy on Friday, June 9th to review for the final exam. The final exam is Monday, June 12th.

*There will be no more written homework anymore; however, 25 Jeopardy questions and answers are due on Friday, June 9th. They must be typed. Use your review sheet as a guide; make sure you have a variety of questions that reflect each category.(Obviously, you cannot make any questions that reflect reading comprehension unless you provide a passage with multiple choice questions and or short answer questions that reflect the passage.) Be sure to study for your final each day!

If you have not already done so, you must have all of your materials in for your project by Thursday, June 8th. Points will be deducted from you do not have what you need.

Upcoming Exam: E.L.A. Final-Monday, June 12th

Grade 8-

This week, the students will continue working on their final review game project. They will be playing Jeopardy on Tuesday, June 6th and taking their final exam on Wednesday, June 7th.

Upcoming Exam: E.L.A. Final-Wednesday, June 7th

Grade 7 Religion-

This week, the students will be reviewing for their final exam by creating a song that incorporates all aspects of their final review sheet. They will be using a rubric as a guide. Please review for the final exam each day. We will be playing Jeopardy on Thursday, June 8th.

*25 Jeopardy questions and answers are due on Thursday, June 8th. These must be typed.

Upcoming Exam: Religion Final-Friday, June 9th