Mrs. Giacalone

Week of January 9th to the 13th

5th Grade
This week the students will begin their study of New France. They will be discussing where and why the French explored and settled in North America. They will be analyzing the conflicts the French had with the English, Dutch, and Spanish. Lastly, the students will be identifying French explorers of the Americas and their contributions.

1/9: Create sentences and riddles for the vocabulary words on page 150.

1/10: Read and pick out important facts- ” French Settlements in North America” on pages 150-151.

1/11:STUDY! Vocabulary Quiz- Friday; “New France”- page 150. Make sure that you are able to put the words into complete, understandable, 5th grade sentences!

1/12: Finish picking out important facts for “The Growth of New France” on pages 151-152.
STUDY! Vocabulary Quiz tomorrow!

1/13: The class will be taking a quiz on the vocabulary words from “New France”.

1/13: New France Advertisement Project- Your slogan and rough draft needs to be completed for Tuesday! 

6th Grade
The students will continue their study of ancient Egypt. They will be focusing on life in ancient Egypt. The students will be analyzing the role of the pharaoh and how he/she ruled Egypt under a theocracy. The students will also be exploring religion in ancient Egypt. They will be examining the importance of the gods and the afterlife, and the purpose of mummification. Lastly, the class will be discussing how the ancient Egyptians lived.

1/9: Finish answering all of the questions on the worksheet (Religion in Ancient Egypt).

1/10: Worksheet- “Pyramids: Grand Tombs for the Pharaohs”-define the underlined words, read and highlight, then answer the “Review and Write” Questions.

1/11: Read and Outline: Pyramid Tombs on pages 113-115. Due Friday.

11/12: STUDY! Jeopardy Wednesday and Test- Thursday: “Life in Ancient Egypt” on pages 108-119. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Wednesday.

  • Canopic Jar Project– The students will be researching ancient Egyptian Canopic Jar gods.  They will be following a detailed rubric and using their research to create a canopic jar.  The students will need a plastic jar with a screw on lid, clay, and other materials by Thursday.

1/13: STUDY!

7th Grade
The students will continue their study of the English Colonies. This week the class will be focusing on Life in the English Colonies. They will be exploring how the colonies were governed and how the English tried to limited free trade in the colonies. The students will also be discussing how the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment led to ideas of political equality among many colonists. Lastly, we will be exploring how the French and Indian War gave England control of more land in North America.

1/9: Create riddles and sentences for the “Key Terms and People” on page 90. Make sure that your illustrations are completed! The class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Sentence and Riddle Games tomorrow.

Quiz– signed and corrected.

1/11: Read and Outline– “English Trade Laws” on pages 92-94. Then answer the questions below. DUE FRIDAY!
What is mercantilism?
How did the Navigation Acts limit colonial trade?
How did colonists view the trade laws that England set?
Why do you think that British officials rarely carried out the Molasses Act?

8th Grade
This week the students will be writing a persuasive essay (either for or against) based on the following statements: 1- New laws should have limited immigration in the late 1800s. 2- The government should have done more to improve conditions in tenements. The student will be following the writing process and a detailed rubric.

The class will also begin their study of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era. They will be examining the political corruption that plagued the United States during the late 1800s and early 1900s. They will also be exploring how the Progressives pushed for reforms to improve living conditions. Lastly, they will be discussing how reforms were made to improve the voting power of the citizens.

1/10- 1/12: Persuasive Essay- is due type on Friday. Make sure that you follow the rubric and you are answering the question!

1/10: Quiz signed and corrected.


The students will be discussing the effects of Original Sin. They will be exploring the reasons why God promised to send a Savior. The class will also be discussing how the first human family struggled because of Original Sin. Lastly, we will be examining the covenant God made with Noah and how the unity of the human race was lost.

1/5: STUDY! Test- Wednesday “God Promises to Help People” on pages 56-66.

1/6: STUDY!

1/9: STUDY!

 Read: The Unity of the Human Race was Lost on pages 62-63. Then answer the questions below.

  1. True or False: The story of the Tower of Babel is symbolic.
  2. Humanity feared moving to other parts of the ________.
  3. The tower resembled a _____________.
  4. People lost the ability to _____________________.
  5. What does the story of the Tower of Babel symbolize?
  6. What does the tower in the story symbolize?

1/10: STUDY! Test- tomorrow

1/11: The class will be taking a test on “God Promises to Help People” on pages 56-66.