Mrs. Giacalone

Week of January 15th


1). Monday, January 15th, is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day; school is closed.

5th Grade
The students will continue their study of New France. They will be exploring where and why the French explored and settled in North America. They will also be discussing the conflicts the French had with the English, Dutch, and Spanish. Lastly, the students will be identifying French explorers of the Americas and their contributions.

1/16: Finish picking out important facts for “The Growth of New France” on pages 151-152.
STUDY! Three Strikes and You’re Out tomorrow!

1/18: Worksheet- “Exploring the Mississippi”

STUDY! Jeopardy-Tuesday and Test-Wednesday: “New France” on pages 150-155. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Tuesday.

1/19: STUDY!


6th Grade
The students will continue their study of ancient Egypt. They will be exploring what life was like in ancient Egypt. They will be discussing how Egypt was governed at this time and how the pharaoh had total authority over his land. They will also be analyzing ancient Egyptian religion-focusing on the importance of mummification and the pyramids. Lastly, the class will be exploring how Egyptian society was organized.

1/16: The students will be taking a quiz on “The Nile River” pages 100-107.

Worksheet Packet Test- signed and corrected!

1/17: Create riddles for the vocabulary words on pages 108-119. Make sure that your illustrations are completed! The class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Riddle Game tomorrow.

Canopic Jar Project: Next week the students will be creating their version of an ancient Egyptian canonic jar.  They will need to bring to class a plastic jar with a lid (mayonnaise jar would be a good example).  Students will also need research on the god they selected in class. The rubric that was handed out in class gives a list of other materials the students will need to complete the project.  ALL MATERIALS ARE DUE ON TUESDAY! 



7th Grade
The students will continue their study of the English Colonies. This week they will be focusing on the New England Colonies. They will be discussing that the Pilgrims and Puritans came to America to avoid religious persecution. They will be analyzing how closely linked religion and government were linked in these colonies. Lastly, the students will be examining the economy of the New England colonies, and they will compare it to the Southern Colonies’ economy.

1/17: Finish outlining “Pilgrims and Puritans” on pages 78-80.

1/18: Read and Outline: “Religion and Government” on pages 81-83. Then answer the question below:
How was religion connected to government in the New England colonies?

Read: Biography- “Anne Hutchinson” on page 82, and answer the “Drawing Conclusions” question.


8th Grade
The students will continue their study of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era. They will be discussing why political corruption was common during the Gilded Age, and how Progressives pushed for reforms to improve living conditions. Lastly, they will be analyzing how certain reforms expanded the voting power of citizens.

Project: Political Cartoon- “The Gilded Age and the Progressive Movement”: The students will be working independently to create a political cartoon based on an aspect from The Gilded Age or the Progressive Movement. They will be creating a cartoon that has a title, illustration, and a caption. The students will be following a detailed rubric that was handed out in class.

1/12: Rough drafts are due on Tuesday! Bring in any materials that you need to start creating your project.

1/16: Rough draft of your political cartoon is due today.
Captions are due typed tomorrow!

1/17-1/18: The students will be working on their political cartoons.

1/19: The students will be presenting their cartoons.


The students will be discussing the effects of Original Sin. They will be exploring why God promised to send a Savior and how the first human family struggled because of Original Sin. Lastly, the class will analyze the covenant that God made with Noah.

1/16: Finish creating the stained-glass window on page 61 in your workbook.

STUDY! Test- Monday- “God Promises to Help People” on pages 55-66. 10 Dart Game questions are due on Friday.

1/18: STUDY! Dart Game questions are due tomorrow.

1/19: STUDY! 

1/22: The class will be taking a test on “God Promises to Help People”.