Mrs. Giacalone

Week of April 24th 2017


1). State of the Academy Meeting will be taking place on Tuesday, May 2, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. All children whose parents attend will receive TWO NUT DAY CARDS. The class with the highest percentage of parent participation rate will win an ice cream party. 


5th Grade
The students will continue their study of the English colonies. They will be focusing on the Middle Atlantic Colonies (Breadbasket Colonies). The students will be analyzing the contributions of different religious an cultural groups that settled in this region.

4/24: Create riddles and sentences for the vocabulary words on page 210. Make sure that you are not using definitions as your riddles or sentences! The class will be playing Pick the Pic and the Sentence and Riddle Games tomorrow, so make sure everything is completed.

4/26: Finish outlining “New Netherland” on pages 210-211.

4/27: Read and Outline: “New Netherland Becomes New York” on pages 212-213.

4/28: STUDY! Jeopardy- Wednesday and Test- Thursday: “Breadbasket Colonies” on pages 210-215. 20 Jeopardy questions are due on Wednesday.

6th Grade
The students will continue their study of ancient China. This week they will be focusing on the Qin and the Han Dynasties. They will be exploring the rule of Emperor Shi Huangdi and and Emperor Wudi and the affects they had on the formation of China. They will also be analyzing the importance that the Silk Road had on ancient China’s economy.

4/24: Read  and Outline: “The Qin Emperor” on pages 292-293.

 Make sure that you have a dictionary for tomorrow’s social studies class.

4/26: Finish answering the questions on “Discovery and Excavation of Shi Huangdi’s Tomb”.

4/27: Finish outlining “Han Rulers” on pages 294-296.

Test- “Discovery and Excavation of Shi Huangdi’s Tomb” signed and corrected.

4/28: STUDY!

7th Grade
The class will begin their study of the formation of American government. They will be analyzing, in detail, the Articles of Confederation. They will be discussing the positive and negative aspects of the Articles.

4/24: Worksheet Packet– “Articles of Confederation”- Read, highlight, and answer all of the Quick Review Questions.

STUDY! Jeopardy and Test- Thursday: “The Articles of Confederation” pages 152-155 and the worksheet packet.

4/25: STUDY!

4/26: 20 Jeopardy questions are due tomorrow.

4/27: The class will be playing Jeopardy and taking a test on “The Articles of Confederation” pages 152-155 an the worksheet packet.

Rough draft of The Weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation Political Cartoon is due tomorrow.

*Current Event Articles are due on Tuesday.  You need one national article and one international article.  The articles must discuss politics, the economy, the environment, science/health issues, or religious issues.

8th Grade
The students will be wrapping up their study of World War I. They will be discussing the costs of the war- including the millions of human lives that were lost as well as the financial burdens. They will be analyzing how President Wilson and European leaders worked out a peace agreement. Lastly, they will be discussing why the U.S. Senate rejected the Treaty of Versailles.

4/24: Use the outline on “The Cost of War” to answer the questions below:
1.How many soldiers died from the Central Powers and the Allied Powers combined during the war?
2.Which side lost more money?
3.What effect did the influenza epidemic have on American health?

4/25: Read: “Versailles Treaty Rejected” on page 738-739. Then answer the questions below.
1.What portion of the Senate members must agree before a treaty may be ratified?
2.Explain why Republicans objected to the League of Nations having power to use military force.
3.What interrupted Wilson’s treaty support tour?
4.Do you think it was important for the U.S. to retain total control of its military forces? Why or why not?

The students will be learning about the conquest of Canaan. They will be analyzing how God’s people settled in Canaan. They will also be discussing the lives of Samson and Ruth.

4/25: Read and highlight “Samson was the Most Famous Judge” on pages 124-125. Then answer the questions below:
1.What is your impression of Deliah?
2.What is your impression of Samson and Deliah’s relationship?
3.What is Samson’s weakness?
4.How did Samson symbolize the Israelite nation?
5.What was the source of Samson’s strength?
6.What does Samson have in common with Deborah?
STUDY! Test- Friday: “A Conquering People” on pages 120-130.

4/26: Complete pages 128, 129, and 130. The class will use these pages to play the Dart Game tomorrow.


4/27: STUDY!

4/28: The class will be taking a test on “A Conquering People” today.