Mrs. Giacalone

Week of April 10, 2017


1). 8:30 Mass on Wednesday, April 12th. 

2). 12:00 p.m. Dismissal on Wednesday, April 12th.

3). Easter Recess-April 12th-April 23rd. School begins again on Monday, April 24th. 

5th Grade
The students will continue their study of the English colonies. They will be discussing when, where, and why groups of people colonized and settled in what is now the United States. They will be analyzing the achievements of colonial leaders such as Roger Williams, Anne Hutchinson, Thomas Hooker, and David Thomson. They will also be identifying and comparing examples of representative government in the colonies. Lastly, the students will be exploring the political, religious, social, and economic institutions that evolved in the colonial era.

4/10: STUDY! Test- tomorrow!

4/12: The class will be taking a test on “ New Ideas, New Colonies” pages 194-199.

6th Grade
The students will continue their study of ancient China. This week they will be focusing on the Qin and the Han Dynasties. They will be exploring the rule of Emperor Shi Huangdi and and Emperor Wudi and the affects they had on the formation of China. They will also be analyzing the importance that the Silk Road had on ancient China’s economy.

4/10: Quiz signed and corrected.

7th Grade
The class will also begin their study of the formation of American government. They will be analyzing, in detail the Articles of Confederation. They will be discussing the positive and negative aspects of the Articles.

8th Grade
The students will be continuing their study of World War I. They will be exploring how the American forces helped the Allies win the war. The students will be analyzing the final battles of the war. Lastly, they will be discussing why Germany agreed to an armistice.

4/11: Finish the D.B.Q. Packet on World War I.

The students will be analyzing the importance of Lent, the Triduum, and Easter.