Mr. Neun

For the week of 10/30 grades five- eight.

 Eighth Grade– This week I will be giving mock tests for the TACHS on November fourth. I will be giving the students a 30 minute test each day followed by review of their answers. For homework for Monday-Thursday, the students should finish any questions they weren’t able to compete in class. If the do finish the test within the 30 minutes, the students should check off any problems they wish to review the next day.

Seventh Grade: Home work: 

Monday- Page 42, numbers (28-31). This is an early application of algebra.

Tuesday- Page 43, numbers( 13-18). Solving one step equations.

Wednesday-Page 44- Numbers ( 32-36) Solving multiple equations

Thursday- Page 45 numbers ( 13-18) Solving division problems with algebra.

Friday- There will be a quiz on Friday regarding the topics covered in class this week and in the homework.  There will be no homework  on Friday.


Sixth Grade: Homework:

Monday- Page 27 numbers ( 25-27)

Tuesday- Page 36 numbers (13-16)

Wednesday- Page 37 numbers (11-16)

Thursday- Page 38 numbers (seven-10)

Friday- On Friday there will be quiz on: Long division, division with decimals, and algebraic expressions. There is no homework on Friday night. 


Fifth Grade Homework:

Monday- Page 42 numbers ( five-ten)

Tuesday- Page 42 numbers ( 20-27)

Wednesday- Page 43 numbers ( 36-39)

Thursday- Page 44 numbers ( 16-20)

Friday- There will be a quiz on Friday covering: Common Factors, Equivalent Fractions, and placing fraction in their lowest form. There is no homework on Friday night.