Mr. Neun

The week of 10/10-10-13

This week we are starting the Terra Nova testing. I am posting the topic for each day was well as the homework for the week. Unfortunately, we will not see every class everyday and we will not know the schedule until Tuesday. The seventh and eight grade should have their math corrections as well as their letter, that illustrates their  own own similar problem in a letter format. We have in class discussed the requirements numerous times. I am posting the work as a test and as a project, thereby, allowing one work to count as two. Both the  fifth and sixth grades have handed in their work with a few exceptions. All work turned in so far has seen two one hundreds posted to the grade book. On 10/20, we will have a test based on the work for this upcoming week and the topics will be stated in the weekly agenda. I am posting as well the homework for the week.

I will continue to give extra help at lunch time. At present 15 students from the fifth, sixth, seventh, grade have attended, but no one from the eight grade.

                                                                                           Eight Grade for the week 10/10

               Tuesday- Complementary and Supplementary lines on Complementary and Supplementary Lines pages 267-268. Homework Page 268#s 9-12

 ?Wednesday, Transversals to be introduced on the board. Homework page 269#s 1-4.

Thursday-Review of types of triangles and the two names each is given. Homework will see the student create and name each type of triangle and state why the triangles have that classification.


Scientific Notation- A review of simple Scientific Notation and an introduction of multiplying and dividing in Scientific Notation.  For Homework page 41#2-6.

                                                                                                        Seventh Grade

Tuesday- Introduction to plotting and use of graph paper. Finding the location of points on a graph and discussion on the four quadrants. Homework page 21 #s 13-18 in the workbook.

Wednesday- Plotting continued- Today the students will find given points on a graph and also find points on a graph using word problems. For homework page 22, #s 30-35.

Thursday- Powers of the Laws of Exponents- We will work on factoring exponents into a standard form. For homework, page 17#s1-9 in the workbook.

Friday-Multiplying and Dividing Exponents.  We will expand on these two aspects. For homework in the workbook page 18#s 22-26.

                                                                                                           Sixth Grade

Tuesday- Multiplication Patterns- This will cover whole numbers times decimals, page 14 in the workbook. For homework page 14#s 7-12

Wednesday- Rounding through estimation. We will discuss how to know what numbers to round for both whole and decimals. For homework page 15#s 9-14.

Thursday-Multiplying whole numbers that have two or more digits. For homework page 16#9-14.

Friday- Multiplying decimals. We will discuss the process of moving the decimal and knowing how many times to move the decimals. There is no homework.

                                                                                                         Fifth Grade

Tuesday- The Order of Operations- We will start working on PEMDAS, that is the given rule to were to start and proceed when solving problems.  For homework in the workbook, page 38#s 5-9.

Wednesday-Order of Operations continued- We will review the homework and expand the amount of numbers provided there was comprehension from Tuesday. For homework page 38#s 10-15.

Thursday- We will use a number line, that eventually leads to understanding negative numbers. For homework the student will create their own number line indicating both positive and negative numbers.

Friday- Problem solving Strategies. We will discuss how to take apart problems into two parts and how to solve simple problems. For homework on page 39#s 5&8.