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UPK-B Week of 9/17/18

Posted on September 17, 2018

This week, your children will be jumping into their academics! We are learning all about the letter Aa.  We will look for the letter in our names, discuss what words begin with the letter of the week and will be encouraged to look for the letter in our environment and home. 

In our Building Blocks (math) program, we are starting on numbers, quantity and developing the concept of the numbers 1-10.  Our Math goals, or “Big Ideas” are

  • that math includes number, shapes and patterns
  • counting tells us how many
  • Math can be explored through materials and movements
  • Groups can be named with numbers.

Our first theme in our UPK curriculum is Welcome to Pre-K. We focus on the following questions:

  • What will I learn in pre-K?
  • What do I bring to my classroom community?
  • Who are the people in my classroom community?
  • Who else is in my pre-k program?

We will take building walks, meeting our nurse, janitors, principal, and other teachers and faculty members that are a part of our community. 

BACK TO SCHOOL NIGHT IS THIS THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH at 7 PM.  Please meet in the gym for a parent’s meeting and then we will meet in the classroom.   

Unit 5: Transportation!

Posted on January 26, 2018

Hi Parents! The next few weeks we will be discussing and exploring transportation! Some questions we will explore will be, what kinds of transportation do I use and why? How are various modes of transportation similar and different? Who operates the vehicles in my community? How do we stay safe when using transportation? Students will be able to explain what transportation they use to get to pre-K and other places, that we use different types of transportation for different reasons, vehicles move in different ways, their family is important and unique, some vehicles are operated by community helpers such as bus drivers, conductors, firefighters, police officers and mail carriers and  there are many ways to stay safe when using transportation!

We are all looking forward to learning all we can and asking tons of questions!!


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