Third & Fourth Grades Host Career Day! 1/29/19

“Dreams Come True”

Third & Fourth Grades Host Career Day


The Third and Fourth Grades celebrated Occupation Day by inviting their parents to come and educate the students about their careers. Mrs. Leto and Mrs. Cuccio hosted parents from both grades, in all different job positions, for Career Day. Students listened and watched presentations and were shown special models, uniforms, and recognition awards to acquire a better understanding of a multitude of careers. Special thanks to our third grade parents, Mrs. D’Aleo and Mr. Kowalski, and our fourth grade parents, Mr. Michel, Mrs. Lopez, Mrs. Acevedo and Ms. Stanzoni, for their time and dedication to our students and the OLGCA community. Career Day, along with Tuesday’s theme of “Dreams Come True,” surely motivated these young, growing minds to set goals for their promising futures!