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State of the Academy meeting






Good evening:

I come to you this evening as the Chairman of the Board of AMCA and to present you with the State of the Academy. Before beginning the presentation, I would like to welcome you all and thank you for being here.

Our Mission today is to assure you of the commitment of the Board of Directors of AMCA. We are dedicated to continuing to strive to build an atmosphere of Love, Trust and Caring among the students, parents and staff of AMCA while providing a Quality Catholic Education for all our students.

After Hurricane Sandy, there was a significant decline in enrollment. More than 30% of the families did not return to AMCA. At present we have a student body of 199 and I look forward to an increase in our Academy numbers in the coming school year.

Our Mission, fortified by a strong Strategic Plan carried out under the leadership of our Principal Ms. Marybeth McManus who has demonstrated a foundation of Academic Excellence, and a staff who daily reflects a vibrant Catholic Identity coupled with meaningful Parent Involvement and Parish Partnership, will insure the achievement of this goal.

During the past six months, I have been in contact with representatives of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, as well as with the Superintendent of Schools Dr. Thomas Chadzutko. My appeal to them has been to allow us to bring the school back to its original identity as part of the Our Lady of Grace Community. Today we are proud to announce to you the parents of AMCA that effective September 1, 2017, we are having a new beginning. AMCA will go back to its original name and be known as Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy. With this change , I believe as a family, we can work together to make Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy better than ever.

But we all have to be committed to this endeavor. The Board will be working diligently with the Alumni; I will be working closely with the Community, Business and Political leaders of Howard Beach; now it is your turn. On the side against the wall, you will see members of the Board at tables. I plead with you to sign up and get involved with one of the committees of the Strategic Plan as we endeavor to implement the established goals. Working together as a group – Board, Educational Staff, Parents and Community – we will be a great educational base for our children.

Lastly, I thank you, the families, for all you do in support of the Catholic School System. My sincere thanks to Ms. McManus for her educational leadership and to the teachers and staff for their commitment to our children.   Thank you for your attention this evening. I look forward to working with you.

Thank you,

Mitchell R. Weiss

Chairman of the Board of AMCA