In addition to the New York State Common Core Learning Standards, the Diocese sets guidelines for Religious instruction on all grade levels. The Religious Education program consists of three major elements: instruction, worship and service as described below:

  • Instruction – presenting God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in such a manner that students will be open to love and celebrate their Creator, Redeemer and Life-giver. Additionally, Catholic Church history, doctrine and morality are taught. Our school follows the We Believe Religion series by Sadlier publishers. Weekly religious instruction is also provided by the Pastor of Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic Church.
  • Worship – teaching formal and spontaneous prayer, both individual and communal; creating liturgies and para-liturgies; providing programs which foster a social conscience; participating in special class Masses.
  • Service – providing programs and opportunities which foster a social conscience sensitive to the needs of all (school, parish, community, world); teaching justice, mercy, and peace through the use of Scripture and the social documents of the Church.

The sacrament program is also an integral part of Religious Education at OLGCA. This is accomplished in cooperation with the Director of Religious Education for Our Lady of Grace Parish. Reconciliation and First Holy Communion are received in the second grade. Sunday Mass attendance is imperative for all students, especially those in the sacrament programs. It is recommended that parents attend Mass with their children each week, whether or not the children are in the sacrament program.

Parents are the primary teachers of their children in their religious formation, and it is your example and commitment to your Catholic faith and its practice that will impact your childrens faith development. Please support the schools efforts by attending Mass and the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion on a regular basis.