Mr. Neun

Returned Tests

Today, the students had their tests returned. A number of the students did poorly on the exam. I explained to the students, they have an opportunity to get full credit for any wrong answers. First I reviewed a few questions and provided the correct answer as well as the steps taken to arrive at that answer. I asked, “do you all understand how to solve the problem.” In some classes there were question in other classes there were not. For full credit the student must do the following: They are to take the problems we reviewed and which they have the right answer for, and create their own problems and solve their own problems correctly for homework. Today the classes had their eye examinations therefore, we had abbreviated class time.  I will continue to review and give the correct answers to the students, thereby, allowing them to correct and get full credit.  Finally, I will have them place their own created  problems in a letter to whomever they want, explaining the steps for solving each problem. If they can do such they will receive a hundred. A question was raised regarding the test being handwritten. I had material based upon our two weeks together ready to be copied, only to find out my printer was not working. This test was based upon the work we covered in class, and notes they are to keep. 

I am offering extra help at lunch time for anyone who wants the help. If a student wants to take the full period to work on math, I’m only too happy to spend that time with them. If a student wishes to spend half of the time eating lunch in my room and half of the time playing outside, I’m willing to work it, that was as well. Take Care!