Mr. Neun

Quiz Topics for 11-3

Seventh Grade: The quiz will cover the following areas:( One Step Equations), (Two step Equations), and Expressions. In your workbook look at pages 42, 43, and 44. Also, look through your notes from this week. Remember one step equations only require division. Two equations require, addition or subtraction and then division. Please remember there is a book check tomorrow for a grade!


Sixth Grade: The quiz on Friday will cover: (Division of Decimals), (Long Division), and (Expressions). Long division on page 24, decimals on page 29, and Expressions on page 37.  Finally, remember expressions can not be solved. Expressions are only words placed in a manner that are one aspect of an equations.


Fifth Grade: For the Quiz study Greatest Common Factor on page 42 of your workbook, LCM on page 46 of your workbook, and Compare and Order Fraction on page 48 of your workbook.