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It’s hard to believe that this is the end of our Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy school days as my youngest child finishes 8th grade and prepares for High School! We have been a part of the OLGCA family since 2005, when my son started nursery school. I don’t use the word “family” loosely, as it really has become a second home to us. My children have been taught and guided with love and kindness from day one. They were surrounded by faith filled teachers and faculty, who have encouraged them to be their best in every way. God always comes first in our home, and it was important to us that they were in an environment that would nurture this. We couldn’t have asked for better or more!
When my son started Cathedral Preparatory School and Seminary 2 years ago, it was then that we truly recognized and appreciated his preparedness for high school. He graduated with the skills to be successful and ready to continue learning. I am confident that my daughter will be just as prepared when she begins The Mary Louis Academy in the fall. A heartfelt thank you to our teachers and Ms McManus for everything.
Friendships to last a lifetime were formed, for both my children and me. You don’t realize what a true gift and blessing it is to find other parents who will look out for your kids as they would for their own. We will move on in June, going on to the next chapter, but I know that this is not the end for us. Choosing OLGCA so many years ago has been the best decision we’ve made for our family. My children are my greatest testimony to that.
I hope that you, too, will entrust your children to OLG, it is a wonderful school with so much to offer. Good luck and May God bless you.

Mrs. Allison Mestrandrea

Daughter- Jenna Mestrandrea- Class of 2018

Son- Robert Mestrandrea – Class of 2017


January 24th, 2019

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” Malcom X

Choosing an elementary school for our daughter was not a decision my husband and I took lightly. Like every parent we wanted to be sure, we were making the best choice. Challenging academics, diverse curriculum and a strong faith based foundation were of the utmost importance. Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy not only met but also exceeded our expectations. Our daughter is developing educational skills that will benefit her for many years to come. The equal amount of attention given to ensuring the students grow academically and spiritually has taught her that helping others is just as important as having the right answer. We are confident that she is receiving a high quality education that is second-to-none at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy because of the commitment of the teachers, staff and parents who care so deeply for the students.

While we knew from the start that we had made the right academic choice, what we did not realize was that our choice would also lead us to become a part of something so much bigger, the OLGCA family. Family is what truly sets this school apart. Small class sizes, buddy programs and frequent intergrade collaboration combine to create an atmosphere where the children and parents alike feel safe and at “home”. Knowing that our daughter enters a school each day where the principal and entire faculty know her by name provides an immense sense of peace. It is wonderful to feel that when she walks through those doors, she is not just another student, but feels at home with her second family.

Joining the OLGCA family has been one of the best things to happen to us. We have been given the opportunity to form life-long friendships with families who are part of this nurturing community of faith, providing support for each other, and enlightening one another as parents in faith and other aspects of life. OLGCA is molding our newest generation and building our leaders of tomorrow in a spiritual way thanks to the dedication of the faculty and parents who make up the OLGCA family. They truly are heroes doing God’s work and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.


Lori and Steven Iannuzzi

Parents of First Grade Student, Christine Iannuzzi


January 24th, 2019

All parents want their children to begin their academic careers on the right foot, and my husband and I were no different. As parents of two young boys, now in Kindergarten and UPK, we searched for an academically rigorous program within a loving and nurturing environment. And, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy has certainly delivered!

From the first day we dropped Michael off at the OLGCA three-year old pre-school program, I knew we made the right choice. His teachers were kind and patient as well as sensitive to the worries of a first-time mom. No question was ever too small to be answered!

It is within this environment that we have watched Michael and our younger son, Joseph, grow academically, emotionally, spiritually, and socially. I marvel at what my boys have learned! Whether it be the mathematical word problems Michael solves in his Kindergarten homework or Joseph’s ability to recognize his preschool sight words, I bear witness to the high caliber education my children receive at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy. (Imagine my surprise when my, then, three year old came home, described the life cycle of a butterfly, and included the word “chrysalis” in the process!)

Unique special events enhance the learning process at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy. In-school field trips exposed my boys to the science behind bubbles and lasers. Visits from firefighters and police officers taught them about fire safety and the role of police officers in our community. Without a doubt, nothing compares to the enthusiastic reactions of my boys on these very special school days!

Michael and Joseph have forged friendships with their classmates, and we, as parents, have done the same with our parental peers. Parents work side by side at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy to ensure the success of school sponsored events and fundraisers. Why? Because we believe in the Academy and value the education our children receive.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy truly is a community – a faith-filled community. Words cannot adequately convey my emotions when my son attends mass with his class, recites his prayers, and expresses to me that all things come from God. I am comforted and uplifted to know that the teachers and administrators of Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy are guiding my children in their spiritual journey and helping them grow in God’s love.

Teachers and administrators at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy are giving my sons the building blocks to become eager, life-long learners and, most importantly, good people! They teach them kindness, compassion, and respect. Our family is blessed to be a part of the Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy community. I know my children have a bright future, and that is due in large part to OLGCA!

-Mary and John Griffith

Parents of Joseph (Pre-K for All) and Michael (Kindergarten)


Dear Ms. McManus.

I am writing in appreciation of all that you have done for my children this year and to say Thank you to everyone at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy.

As a mother of three children who has just joined the Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy family, it is an honor to have been welcomed in with such open arms. My children started out at our local public school where unfortunately so much has changed that it was in the best interest of my children to find a school that not only offered an excellent education but also a collaborative administration of both Teachers and Staff.

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy has surpassed our expectations in every way and we cannot thank you ALL enough. Your education standards and dedication to our children is above anything I could have expected. Your Teachers are ALL steadfast to the excellence of our children and strive every day for their success. 

We want to thank you all again for your excellence and hard work. We look forward to many more years at Our Lady of Grace CA.


Very truly yours,

Anita Gizzi

School parent