Mr. DiPiazza

October 16th – October 20th


MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th – TerraNova Exam/Review for Tuesday’s exam

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th – Exam (DNA and Reproduction) 

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th – Plant reproduction 

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th – Plant reproduction 

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th – Plant reproduction 



MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th – TerraNova Exam/8:30 Mass/Fr. Marc

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th – The 5th and 6th Commandments 

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th – The 5th and 6th Commandments 

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th – The 5th and 6th Commandments 

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th – Exam (Chapters 4-6)


 7th GRADE

MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th – TerraNova Exam/The 7th grade will create a movie poster that showcases a type of erosion

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th – Project

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th – Exam review

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th – Exam (Weathering and Erosion)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th – Project



MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th – TerraNova Exam/Changes in the state of matter 

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th – Changes in the state of matter 

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th – Changes in the state of matter (HW: Density Worksheet)

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th – Changes in the state of matter

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th – Quiz (States of Matter) 



MONDAY, OCTOBER 16th – TerraNova Exam/ Nutrition (Vitamins and minerals)

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17th – Nutrition (Vitamins and minerals)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 18th – Nutrition (Vitamins and minerals)

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19th – Nutrition (Vitamins and minerals)

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20th – The 5th will create a nutritional label that illustrates their knowledge of nutritional facts.