Ms. Amuso

October 14th-October 18th


1). School is closed on Monday, October 14th-Columbus Day.

2). Grades 5-8 must be completed with their novels by Wednesday, October 16th; we will begin in class book report projects. (Please keep in mind classes may not meet daily due to TerraNova exams.)

3). TerraNova exams begin on Tuesday, October 15th.

4). The chocolate sale begins on Tuesday, October 15th.

5). There will be a $2.00 Dress Down Day on Wednesday, October 16th, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness. 


This week, grades 5-8 will be taking the TerraNova exams; due to the exams, there will be no written homework for the week; however, I do encourage the students to read at least 20 minutes each day.

When classes meet, the students will be introduced to their Trimester One book report projects.  Each grade will be engaging in a different project; they will be receiving a detailed outline of the project requirements along with a specific rubric to follow. Aside from the project, the students will be completing a rough and final draft of a book summary; they will be  editing and revising their work and typing their final draft.  

Grade 5 will be creating an Apple iPhone which will incorporate six applications (illustrations and app names) based on important parts of the novel.

Grade 6 will be creating an Apple iPod; based on their novel, they will be creating six song titles, six album covers (illustrations), and providing an artist’s name (main characters) with each album.

Grade 7 will be creating a movie poster based on the novel they have read; they will be developing a movie name and illustration.  Next, they will be providing a production company, producer, director, and release date based on their book as well.

Grade 8 will be creating a menu based on the book they have read; each aspect of the menu-name of restaurant, logo, and food items will reflect their novel.