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We are excited to begin Unit # 2: My Five Senses! Students will have the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills by using their senses in hands on learning and play. We will work on developing children’s ability to take in information about the world through sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.

Essential Question: How do we use our senses to explore, investigate and understand the world around us?

Focus Questions:

  1. How do we use our sense of sight?
  2. How do we use our sense of hearing?
  3. How do we use our sense of taste?
  4. How do we use our sense of smell?
  5. How do we use our sense of touch?

Key vocabulary words we will be learning through this unit of study.


Enduring understandings by the end of the unit:

*There are five senses. They are smell, taste, touch, sight and hearing

*We use our senses to understand our bodies.

*We use our senses to learn about the people, places, objects and environment around us.

*We experience and interact with the world differently when our senses, such as vision or hearing are impaired.

Special Notes:


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