Mrs. Cuccio

Mrs. Cuccio – What We’re Studying the Week of 10/3/16

Grade 3

This week in Math the Third Grade will continue to:
-Understand that the symbol X means “groups of,” and problems such as 5 x 7 refer to 5 groups of 7.
-Interpret a multiplication problem situation using pictures, objects, words, numbers, and equations.
-Use repeated addition and skip counting strategies for finding a product.
-Understand and apply the properties of multiplication to solve multiplication problems.
-Use arrays to find products of multiplication facts.
-Multiply by twos, threes, fours, and fives.
-Find the product when 1 or 0 is a factor.
-Multiply cents from two to five cents.
-Use a bar diagram and table to solve a multiplication fact problem.

This week in Math the students will begin to:
-To maintain addition, subtraction, and multiplication skills.
-To find a missing factor.
-To solve problems using a variety of strategies.
-Begin to multiply by six.

Religion Chapters 2 and 3:
-In Chapter 2 the children learned about the Kingdom of God and the gift of faith. In Chapter 3 the children will learn about the Last Judgement and that Jesus taught us to love others.

Science Chapter 1:
– The Big Idea: Matter has properties that can be observed, described, and measured.
– Essential Questions:

Lesson 1: What Is Matter?
– Students will: measure the volume of a liquid, describe physical properties of matter, and explain why some objects float and others sink.

Lesson 2: What Are States of Matter?
– Students will: observe a change of state, identify properties of solids, liquids, and gases, and describe evaporation and condensation.

Lesson 3: How Does Matter Change?

Grade 4

This week in Math the 4th graders will continue to:
– Read and write numbers to the hundred millions place.
– Compare and order whole numbers and money amounts.
– Round whole numbers and money amounts.
– Solve problems by choosing from a variety of strategies.
– Add and subtract whole numbers with 3, 4, 5 digits and money amounts with grouping fluently.
– Check addition and subtraction problems with the opposite operation.
– Find sums of three or more addends.
– To use front end estimation to find approximate sums and differences.
– To add two, three, four, and five digit whole numbers and money amounts with regrouping.
– To find sums of three or more addends with regrouping.

This week in Math the 4th graders will begin to:
– To subtract two and three digit whole numbers and money amounts, regrouping twice.
– To subtract whole numbers and money amounts with zeros in the minuend.
– To add or subtract whole numbers and money amounts to 5 digits.

This week in Science the Fourth Graders will:
The Big Idea: Living things can be grouped according to their characteristics.

Essential Questions:

Lesson 1: How Are Living Things Classified?

Students will: construct a model of a cell, identify and describe stuructures that make up plant cells and animal cells, and describe the characteristics of one-celled organisms, bacteria, and protists.

Lesson 2: How Are Plants and Fungi Classifed?

Students will: observe the function of a plant stem, describe the structures of vascular and nonvasuclar plants, and describe the structure of fungi.

Lesson 3: How Are Animals Classified?

Students will: make a model of a backbone and describe characteristics of vertebrates and invertebrates.