Mrs. Cuccio

Mrs. Cuccio – Grade 3 – Week of 11/14/16

This week in Math the Third Grade will begin to:

-Understand division as sharing, knowing the number of equal shares and finding the number in each share or group.
-Understand division as separating equal shares or group.
-Describe stories or contexts for division expressions, such as 24 divided by 4.
-Understand the relationsip between multiplication and division.
-Demonstrate that fact families produce related multiplication and division number sentences.
-Find the unknown number in a whole number multiplication or divsion problem.
-To understand the relationship between divison and repeated subtraction.
-To use one and zero in division.
-To divide by two, threes, fours, and fives.
-Fluently multiply and divide within 100.
-Use fact families and the relationship bewteen multiplication and division to find unknown whole numbers in multiplication and divison problems.
-Solve word problems using equations with the missing whole number in different places.
-Use hundreds charts, addition tables, and multiplication tables to model addition or multiplication patterns and explain why patterns make sense.
-Use (informally) number properties to find and explain patterns.
-Use knowledge of even and odd numbers to find and explain patterns.
-To read and wirte division stories that emphasize different representations of division.

In Chapter 9, the children will learn more about the Church and the ways in which the Church teaches us.

Science Chapter 12:
The Big Idea: You use many forms of energy every day to grow and live.

Essential Questions:
Lesson 1: What Is Energy?
The children will Investigate to find out how energy affects temperature, define energy, and explain the difference bertween kinetic energy and potential energy.

Lesson 2: How Can Energy Be Used?
The children will Identify the sources of types of energy people use for different purposes.

Lesson 3: Why Is Energy Important?
Investigate the power of wind to move objects, describe ways people can conserve energy resources, and explain the difference between renewable and nonrenewable energy resources.

At this point the 3rd graders should be memorizing their 0-12 multiplication facts. They are taking fact drills on a daily basis. You should see these drills coming home daily. I am noticing that some of the students are increasing their speed and accuracy. (Yay!)

Monday, November 14th:
Math: Divide by Threes Workbook page 55.
Chapter 5 Lessons 1-4 Quiz Wednesday, 11/16

Science: Chapter 12 Lesson 3 Quiz tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 15th
Math: Study divison facts 0-3.
Chapter 5 Lessons 1-4 Quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 16th
Math: Divide by Fours Workbook page 56.

Thursday, November 17th
Math: Divide by Fives Workbook page 57.

Math: Chapter 5 Lessons 1-4 Quiz Wednesday, 11/16.

Science: Chapter 12 Lesson 3 Quiz Tuesday, 11/15.