Mr. DiPiazza

March 2nd – March 6th

  • Friday, March 2nd – First Friday Mass
  • Thursday, March 12th – 8th Grade Ring Day 
  • Friday, March 13th – 12:30 Dismissal 
  • Tuesday, March 17th – 2nd Trimester Ends/St. Patrick’s Day ($2.00 Green Dress Down) 
  • Thursday, March 19th – Report Card Conferences/12:30 Dismissal 

***All Topics are Tentative***
Topics for the week of March 2nd

8th Grade Science
Monday, March 2nd – Project (models of the solar system)
Tuesday, March 3rd – Project
Wednesday, March 4th – Project Presentation
Thursday, March 5th – Constellations
Friday, March 6th – Constellations

8th Grade Religion
Monday, March 2nd – Jeopardy questions/Fr. Marc
Tuesday, March 3rd – Quiz 
Wednesday, March 4th – The Church and the Enlightenment 
Thursday, March 5th – The Chuch and the Enlightenment 
Friday, March 6th – Confirmation class 

7th Grade Science
Monday, March 2nd – Periodic table of elements 
Tuesday, March 3rd – Periodic table of elements 
Wednesday, March 4th – Periodic table of elements 
Thursday, March 5th – Quiz 
Friday, March 6th – Substances and mixtures 

6th Grade Science
Monday, March 2nd – How viruses spread 
Tuesday, March 3rd – How viruses spread 
Wednesday, March 4th – How viruses spread 
Thursday, March 5th – Exam review 
Friday, March 6th – Exam (Cells) 

5th Grade Science
Monday, March 2nd – Chapter 12 review
Tuesday, March 3rd –  Chapter 12 review
Wednesday, March 4th – Earth’s orbit 
Thursday, March 5th – Earth’s orbit 
Friday, March 6th – Earth’s orbit