Mr. DiPiazza

June 4th – June 8th

8th Grade
Monday, June 4th – NYS science exam (Written) 
Tuesday, June 5th – Science final 
Wednesday, June 6th – 8th-grade class trip 
Thursday, June 7th – Graduation practice 
Friday, June 8th – Graduation practice 


Monday, June 4th – 8:30 Mass
Tuesday, June 5th – Project presentation 
Wednesday, June 6th – 8th-grade class trip
Thursday, June 7th – Project presentation
Friday, June 8th – Video on Catholicism in the 21st Century 


7th Grade
Monday, June 4th – Circulatory and excretory systems 
Tuesday, June 5th – Circulatory and excretory systems 
Wednesday, June 6th – Body systems project 
Thursday, June 7th – Body systems project 
Friday, June 8th – Body systems project 


6th Grade
Monday, June 4th – Video on the abyssal zone
Tuesday, June 5th – Study sheet reviews 
Wednesday, June 6th – Study sheet reviews 
Thursday, June 7th – Study sheet reviews 
Friday, June 8th – Study sheet reviews 


5th Grade
Monday, June 4th – Conservation project 
Tuesday, June 5th – Conservation project 
Wednesday, June 6th – Conservation project 
Thursday, June 7th – Conservation project 
Friday, June 8th – Conservation project (Due on Monday, June 11th)