Mr. DiPiazza

January 6th – January 10th

***All Topics are Tentative***
Topics for the week of January 6th

8th Grade Science
Monday, January 6th – The moon and recent discoveries 
Tuesday, January 7th – The moon and recent discoveries
Wednesday, January 8th – Review for Thursday’s exam
Thursday, January 9th – Exam (Earth-Moon)
Friday, January 10th – How the solar system formed

8th Grade Religion
Monday, January 6th – 8:30 Mass
Tuesday, January 7th – Project 
Wednesday, January 8th – Project
Thursday, January 9th – Project
Friday, January 10th – Confirmation class

7th Grade Science
Monday, January 6th – Types of volcanoes
Tuesday, January 7th – Types of volcanoes 
Wednesday, January 8th – How volcanoes form
Thursday, January 9th – Review for Friday’s exam
Friday, January 10th – Exam (Plate Tectonics) 

6th Grade Science
Monday, January 6th – Factors that affect weather 
Tuesday, January 7th – Factors that affect weather 
Wednesday, January 8th – How clouds are classified
Thursday, January 9th – How clouds are classified 
Friday, January 10th – Weather patterns 

5th Grade Science
Monday, January 6th – Vitamins and minerals 
Tuesday, January 7th – Vitamins and minerals 
Wednesday, January 8th – Project (The students will create a nutritional facts label)
Thursday, January 9th – Project 
Friday, January 10th – Project