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Benvenuti al programma d’italiano!
Welcome to the Italian Program!

**Please use the menu to the right to navigate throughout all of the different levels of Italian at OLGCA. Click on the grade levels to see the homework and get an idea of what’s going on in the Italian classroom and to check out OLGCA students’ wonderful projects!**

Mrs. Leto meets with UPK through Grade 8 at AMCA for Italian lessons on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays. All three UPK classes (Mrs. Leto’s newest students!) meet for Italian every third week on Wednesday mornings for 20 minutes. Kindergarten meets once a week on Wednesdays for 20 minutes. Grades 1-4 meet once a week for a full period of Italian and Grades 5-8 meet twice a week. This program gives students an excellent opportunity to be exposed to a unique introductory foundation to a second language and culture. With our rich Italian heritage in the neighborhood, we can explore traditions and learn more about the culture and language of Italy.

Italian Homework Due 6/19

Posted on June 18, 2018

Grade 7:  Italian Final tomorrow, 6/19. Study all categories on the review sheet- remember, I narrowed down the verbs and vocabulary! Buona Fortuna!

8th Grade Italian Homework Due TOMORROW, 6/6

Posted on June 5, 2018

Grade 8: PLEASE look at Option C: many of you were required to do the Futuro Exam corrections because you scored lower than an 80%. That grade is currently MISSING (which equals a 0%). Your averages are severely affected by this. You must hand them into me by tomorrow, 6/6, before we leave for the trip. 

*If you scored an 80% or higher on the exam, or if you already completed corrections, this assignment does not concern you.

Italian Homework Due Tuesday, 6/12

Posted on

Grade 5: Complete parts of the project at home:

  • Shelby, Gianna, Melissa: type and print your two articles
  • Gabby: print your two articles
  • Alen: type the first article only, research more and handwrite your second article for me to check on Tuesday
  • Ilenia, Madison, Kathleen: you will be starting the oaktag on Tuesday, 6/12. Bring in any necessary supplies or printed materials you may need (ex. the cartoon if you’re doing it on the computer, pictures, decorations, etc. I suggest the timeline to be handwritten because it can become tricky to print from the computer)


Grade 7: Complete your 20 Jeopardy Questions. Write your answers alongside your questions. Follow the requirements on the paper I gave you in class on Tuesday, 6/5. Use the specific material we have reviewed for the final (ex. use only the vocabulary that was narrowed down for you on Tuesday, 6/5).

Italian Homework Due 6/5

Posted on May 30, 2018

Grade 5: Bring in any necessary supplies or materials for your in-class Italiano Famoso project. 

  • Kathleen, Gabby, Ilenia & Madison: type and print your two articles
  • Melissa, Shelby & Alen: finish your articles
  • Gianna: bring your articles back on Tuesday, June 5th.


Grade 7: La Casa Unit Exam corrections due by Tuesday, June 5th. If your test does not say “signed and corrected” (written by Mrs. Leto), the corrections are optional. If you do complete them, the assignment will help your overall grades.


Grade 8: Quiz corrections for Preposizioni Quiz and Test corrections for Il Futuro due by Tuesday, June 5th. This is your last chance to boost your grade for both Trimester 3 and the Final Grade in Italian. If your quiz/test do not say “signed and corrected” (written by Mrs. Leto),t he corrections are optional. If you do complete them, the assignment will help your overall grades.

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