3rd Grade

Grade 3: Week of 9/10-9/14

The third grade is ready for their first full week! Specials classes will begin this week **Please send your child to school in his/her gym uniform on Monday, September 10th for our first day of gym**


Mondays- Gym 

Thursdays- Art

Fridays- Handwriting and Computer


We will be continuing with the following material this week:

  • Go Math Chapter 3 Understand Multiplication
    • Lessons 3.1-3.3
  • Reading Street Unit 1 Week 1 *
    • “Boom Town”
    • Realism vs. Fantasy
    • Spelling Words: happen, lettuce, basket, winter, sister, monster, supper, subject, lesson, spelling, napkin, collar, traffic, suggest, puppet (Challenge Words: skillet, picnic, planet, system, pumpkin)
    • Short Vowels
    • Sentences
  • Religion Unit 1 Chapter 1 
  • Social Studies Chapter 1 Lessons 1-3** People Live in Communities


*ELA will operate on a “Cycle Curriculum.” Due to the number of resources we have available to us, it will be smoother to transition from each component of ELA (ex. reading, writing, test prep, etc.) if we divide the curriculum. For the first week (tentative to change; each cycle length may vary between 1-2 weeks), we will use Reading Street and its supplemental texts: Spelling & Phonics and Practice Book. Our next cycle will focus on using the NY Ready Book, Sadlier Vocabulary, and writing prompts. Grammar will be taught throughout both cycles, using both Reading Street’s Grammar & Writing text as well as Sadlier Grammar.

** Social Studies and Science will operate on a “Cycle Curriculum.” For the first two weeks, we will focus only on Social Studies. After a test is given, third grade will switch over to Science for two weeks.


Homework for the week:



  1. Spelling words in ABC order
  2. Reading Street Practice Book pg. 7
  3. Grammar & Writing pg. 3

Math: Lesson 3.1 pgs. 143-144


Math: Lesson 3.2 pgs. 149-150


  1. Spelling sentences for #1-10 only (please be sure to add detail. A sentence should not read, “I like lettuce.” Instead, be more specific: “I like to put crunchy lettuce in my salad.”)
  2. Reading Street Practice Book pg. 10
  3. Grammar (Sadlier)- pg. 10



  1. Grammar & Writing pg. 4
  2. Spelling 3x each
  3. Reading Comprehension Test tomorrow (study Realism and Fantasy worksheets)


Online assignment 3.3

Complete all 4 sections at the bottom of the screen: Learn the Math, Do the Math, Independent Practice, and Quiz. Use the bottom right arrow to navigate through all sections.

*Having trouble logging in? Each student was sent home with his/her own designated ThinkCentral username and password. The district is The Diocese of Brooklyn and our school is still listed as Ave Maria Catholic Academy. Please email Mrs. Leto if you have any questions/troubles logging in.



1. Lesson 3.3 pgs. 155-156


  1. Spelling Quiz on #1-15 tomorrow. Two random Challenge Words will be chosen for possible bonus points.
  2. Grammar (Sadlier) pg. 15

Social Studies: **Due Tuesday, 9/18**

Please use index cards to create Social Studies vocabulary flash cards for our Chapter 1 vocabulary.Write the vocabulary word on the blank side of the index card. Then, write the definition on the lined side. Please bring in the rest of the index cards so that we can add more to our vocabulary. Use the following definitions:

  • Community– a group of people who live or work together in the same place
  • Citizen– a person who lives in and belongs to a community
  • Business– an activity in which workers make or sell goods or do work for others
  • Goods– things that can be bought or sold
  • Needs– the things we all must have, such as food, clothing, and a place to live
  • Natural Resources- materials from nature such as wood and stone.
  • Service– work that someone does for someone else

No homework! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Looking ahead… we will have a Religion test on Tuesday, September 18th. Our Religion workbooks will be sent home for the weekend. If you’d like to begin studying, please read and focus on the highlighted text. **Do not complete the Chapter Test on page 30; we will be completing that in class on Monday**
  • Continue working on the Social Studies homework due Tuesday 9/18