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Grade 4: Week of November 25- November 29

This week, the fourth grade will…

  • Begin the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl.
  • Continue Math Chapter 3:  Multiply by  2-Digit Numbers.
  • Continue Social Studies Chapter 3:  The First New Yorkers  Lesson 1:  Early People of New York,  Lesson 2:  Algonquian People, and Lesson 3:  The Iroquois League
  • Continue Grammar:  Unit 3 Verbs


1.) Social Studies:  Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Quiz tomorrow.


Tentative Homework:


1.)  Social Studies:  Study for Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Quiz tomorrow.  Review notes, worksheet and pages 82-87 in textbook.

2.)  Math:  Complete Multiply with Regrouping worksheet 3-13.

3.)  Grammar:  Complete page 83 in Grammar Workshop on Linking Verbs


Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!