4th grade Cuccio Mrs. Cuccio

Grade 4: Week of March 9th- 13th

This week, the fourth grade will…

  • prepare for the New York State English Language Arts Assessment on 3/25-3/36.
  • continue Math- Chapter 6:  Fraction Equivalence and Comparison.
  • continue Science- Chapter 9:  Electricity and Magnetism.
  • continue Grammar- Unit 4:  Adjectives, Adverbs, and Prepositions.
  • begin Religion- Chapter 10:  The Second Commandment.


1.) Science:  Chapter 9 Lessons 4 and 5 Quiz Friday, 3/13.

2.) Math:  Chapter 6 Test Friday, 3/13.

3.) Grammar: Unit 4 Test TBA


Tentative Homework:


1.)  Grammar:Complete Comparing with Good and Bad on page 135 in Grammar Workshop book.

2.)  Math:  Complete page 369 on Comparing Fractions.

3.)  ELA:  Reread “Beware of Frogs!” and “Looking Out for Lizards” and answer question 40 from the 2016 Common Core ELA Test Book 3.


1.)  Grammar:  Complete Adverbs on page 139 in the Grammar Workshop book.

2.)  Math:  Complete page 375 numbers 1-7 and page 376 numbers 1-2.  Chapter 6 Test Friday.

3.)  ELA:  Read “Excerpt from A Daughter of the Sea” and answer the extended response question number 34.  We have been working on how to answer these questions in the classroom  Students should walk through each bullet point of the question.  They should write a clear topic sentence, be sure to answer each bullet point giving clear details from the story, and write a conclusion sentence.



1.) ELA:  Reread the article “Excerpt form Double Dutch:  A Celebration of Jump Rope, Rhyme, and Sisterhood” and read “Excerpt from It’s Our World, Too” and answer questions 39 and 40. 

2.)  Math:  Complete Think Central Chapter  6 Review.  (Use paper or notebook to do work.)  Math Chapter 6 Test Friday, 3/13.


3.)  Science:  Chapter 9 Lessons  4-5 Quiz Friday, 3/13.



1.)  Math:  Complete Think Central Chapter 6 Review (Use paper or notebook to do work.)  Math Chapter 6 tomorrow.

2.)  Science:  Chapter 9 Lessons 4-5 Quiz tomorrow.