4th grade Cuccio Mrs. Cuccio

Grade 4: Week of December 9th -13th

This week, the fourth grade will…

  • Continue to read and respond to the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl.
  • Begin Math Chapter:  Divide by 1-Digit Numbers.
  • Wrap up Grammar:  Unit 3 Verbs.
  • Begin Vocabulary Unit 5.
  • Introduce the Writeable pilot program.
  • Work on a variety of Advent activities, including the chapter Religion workbook, to better understand this time of waiting and preparing for the birth of Jesus.


1.)  Grammar:  Unit 3 Verbs Test Tuesday, 12/10.

2.)  Vocabulary:  Unit 5 Quiz Friday, 12/13.


Tentative Homework:


No School



1.)  Math:  Estimate Quotients Using Multiples Worksheet page 4-5.

2.)  Vocabulary: Complete Unit 5 Word Maps for words 1-5. (antique -adj.,  baggage, digest -v., establish, eternal)  Unit 5 Quiz Friday, 12/13.



1.)  Math:  Remainders Worksheet page 4-7.

2.)  Vocabulary:  Complete Unit 5 Word Maps for words 6-10.

(haste, humid, lash -v., oppose, sensible)  Unit 5 Quiz Friday, 12/13.




1.)  Math:

2.)  Vocabulary:  Study for Unit 5 Quiz tomorrow.