3rd Grade

Grade 3: Week of 6/15-6/19

This week, the third grade will…

  • Complete all final assignments and projects by Monday, 6/15.
  • Review Grammar lessons on Capitalization, Punctuation and Parts of Speech.
  • Read poetry about summer and create an illustration in response.
  • Reflect on your learning and view classmates’ projects.
  • Complete your third grade year 🙂

Graded Assignments:

  • Please submit all graded work by Monday, 6/15

Monday 6/15:

*Zoom Meeting at 1:30 pm: Grammar, Math

  • Work on any remaining graded assignments and send images of your work tonight.
  • Grammar: Review Unit 6 and Parts of Speech on Zoom today.
  • Reading: Read a few poems from the Summer Poems material file (on Google Classroom under ELA). Tomorrow, you will finish reading the poems and create an illustration inspired by a poem of your choice (from the selections).
  • Math: Review Perimeter/Area problems on Zoom.
  • Religion: View your classmates’ final projects (under Religion on Google Classroom). Read about a symbol other than the symbol that you’ve already researched and find 1-2 sentences that summarize its meaning. Send an image of your work.


Tuesday 6/16:

*Zoom Meeting at 1:30 pm: Reading

  • Reading: Read Dear Children of the Earth by Schim Schimmel together on Zoom.
  • Finish reading summer poems and choose one to illustrate. Your illustration doesn’t need to show everything in the poem. I’d recommend focusing on certain words or phrases that spark your imagination. Send an image of your work.
  • Social Studies: View your classmates’ Country Study Research Reports (on Google Classroom under Social Studies) and choose one that you’d like to read. Read thoroughly and write down 2 facts that you learned. Send an image of your work.
  • Complete Quotations practice WS’s on Google Classroom under ELA.
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. What did you enjoy learning about this year?
  2. What was the hardest part of distance learning? Be specific.
  3. What have you done that you are most proud of this year?

Send an image of your answers.


  • Art – Check your Art Google Classroom page for assignments: Class code: l7w2mto

Wednesday 6/17- Thursday 6/18:

  • Complete activities online with the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Friday 6/19: Last day!

  • Attend Prayer Service.
  • Download Summer work.
  • Celebrate all of your achievements and hard work! 🙂