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Grade 3: Week of 5/20-5/23

This week, the third grade will…

  • Begin Vocabulary Unit 13.
  • Continue reviewing Grammar Unit 6 in preparation for an exam.
  • Practice their reading comprehension skills using a variety of resources.
  • Continue with Math, Chapter 8: Understand Fractions.
  • Complete an open-book quiz on Religion, Chapter 8: The Church Has Four Marks.
  • Begin Religion, Chapter 9: The Church Teaches Us.
  • Begin to review Science Chapter 4 in preparation for an exam next week.
  • Complete their third and final Renaissance assessments in both Math and Reading.

Tests/Quizzes this week:

  • Grammar, Unit 6- Wednesday, 5/22
  • Vocabulary, Unit 13- Thursday, 5/23

Homework for the week:



  • Vocabulary- Complete the Match the Meaning activity on page 134.
  • Grammar- Complete Lesson 50 in the Unit 6 Review Packet.
  • Reading- Read “Money Means Worries” and complete pages 7-11.

Math- Log onto ThinkCentral and complete the posted assignment.



  • Vocabulary- Complete the Synonyms & Antonyms exercise on page 135.
  • Grammar- Study for your Unit 6 Test. Use our Grammar workbook and the review packet we’ve been working on.
  • Reading- Complete the Grammar practice in the Reading Comprehension packet, pages 17-18.

Math- Log onto ThinkCentral and complete the posted assignment.



  • Vocabulary- Study for your Unit 13 Vocabulary Quiz.

Math- Complete the Comparing Fractions worksheet. Use a crayon when asked to color and draw pictures to help you solve the problems.


  • REVIEW SHEETS/PACKETS have been distributed. PLEASE leave the ELA and Math packets in your red folders as those have activities to complete that we will be doing in school and at home. Religion, Social Studies, and Science review sheets may stay home.
  • *Sign & correct tests/quizzes returned throughout this past week by Tuesday, 5/28.*
  • Social Studies Country Projects Due Friday, May 31st! 
  • Continue working on your Social Studies Country Study Research Projects. Projects are due Friday, May 31st. Use as a great tool for kid-friendly research! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
  • Continue practicing your times tables. This will greatly help you master your division facts! Use these helpful links:
  2. Hit The Button
  3. Times Table Grid
  4. Division with Divisors Up to 10

No other homework! Enjoy the long weekend 🙂