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Grade 3: Week of 4/15-4/17

This week, the third grade will…

  • Review previously studied Vocabulary units using a variety of activities in our Sadlier workbook.
  • Continue with Grammar Unit 6: Capitalization, Punctuation & Spelling with Lessons 45 and 46.
  • Prepare for a Reading Comprehension Test on Chapters 6-10 of Frindle with a variety of enrichment activities.
  • Continue with Chapter 6: Understand Division with Lessons 6.8 and 6.9 and prepare for a Mid-Chapter Quiz.
  • Read and explore the April Issue, Special Earth Day Edition, of Scholastic News “Saving the Seas.”

Tests/ Quizzes this week:

  • Reading Comprehension Test on Chapters 6-10 of Frindle- Tuesday, 4/16.
  • Mid-Chapter 6: Understand Division Math Quiz- Wednesday, 4/17

Homework for the week:



  • Vocabulary- Complete the review exercise “Completing the Idea” on page 67.
  • Grammar- Fill in the series on the writing activity on page 206.
  • Reading- Study for your Reading Comprehension Test on Chapters 6-10 of Frindle.

Math- Complete Lesson 6.8 on pages 349-350.



  • Vocabulary- Complete the review exercise on Suffixes on page 116.
  • Grammar- Proofread the Letters in the writing activity on page 210 and complete the Letter Proofreading exercise on last week’s worksheet.

Math- Study for your Chapter 6: Understand Division Mid-Chapter Quiz.

Wednesday: Homework over break due Tuesday, 4/30.

  • ELA- Complete the Reading Skills Practice Test #1: Reading Informational Text and Reading Paired Texts.
  • Math- Complete the Division Robot Mystery Picture. Solve each division equation and color accordingly.
  • Sign and correct your Religion Test, China Quiz, and Vocabulary Unit 11 Quiz.
  • **Please empty your yellow Specials folder and your blue Classwork folder. Be sure to keep important papers or anything you feel you need to especially review as we prepare for Final Exams.**

No other homework! Enjoy the break and Happy Easter to you and yours! 🙂