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Grade 3: Week of 10/28-11/1

This week, the third grade will…

  • Begin Spelling, Unit 4 (clean, agree, teeth, dream, grain, coach, display, window, shadow, cheese, peach, braid, Sunday, float, thrown) *Quiz will be on Thursday, 10/31 in order to avoid studying for a quiz on Halloween night!*
  • Finalize our studies on Nouns in preparation for a Unit 2 Test on 10/30.
  • Continue with Math, Chapter 4: Facts & Strategies by learning the Distributive Property and how it can help us with multiplication.
  • Continue reading Sideways Stories from Wayside School both as a class and at home, accompanied by reading comprehension activities and the introduction of Reading Logs.
  • Begin to review Science, Chapter 3: Types of Plants, Lessons 1 and 2 in preparation for a quiz on 10/31.
  • Continue working on our Saint puppets finalizing our Saint Information Sheets in honor of All Saints Day on Friday, November 1st.
  • Have fun at the Pumpkin Patch!
  • Dress up as our assigned Saints for our whole school All Saints Day Mass on Friday, November 1st at 8:30 AM.

Tests/Quizzes this week:

  • Grammar, Unit 2: Nouns Test- Wednesday, 10/30
  • Science, Chapter 3: Lessons 1 & 2 Quiz- Thursday, 10/31
  • Spelling, Unit 4 Quiz- Thursday, 10/31

Homework for the week:



  • Spelling- Write our Unit 4 words into alphabetical order.
  • Grammar- Complete the Irregular Plural Nouns Review worksheet.

Math- Complete Lesson 4.3: Multiplying 3 & 6, pages 207-208.



  • Spelling- Write sentences for #1-10 of our ABC ordered list.
  • Grammar- Study for Unit 2: Nouns Test.
  • Reading- Read Chapter 3 and complete the Chapter 3 Reading Comprehension activity.

Math- Log onto ThinkCentral and complete the posted assignment.

Science- Begin reviewing for your Science Quiz on Chapter 3, Lessons 1 & 2 on 10/31.



  • Spelling- Write the Unit 4 words 3x each and study for your Unit 4 Quiz tomorrow.
  • Reading- Read Chapter 5 and complete the Chapter 5 Reading Comprehension activity.

Math- Complete the Halloween Color Code. Use your red, math notebook for your scrap work. Remember, if it is a times table fact we have not learned, you can draw equal groups or arrays to help you solve the puzzle. 

Science- Study for your Science Quiz on Chapter 3, Lessons 1 & 2 on 10/31.



Happy Halloween!


  • **Sign and correct all returned tests/quizzes by Monday, 11/4 if you have not already done so. Corrections should be done on a separate sheet of paper stapled to the back of the test/quiz and each question should be clearly labeled with the section and number.**

No other homework! Enjoy the weekend 🙂