3rd Grade

Grade 3: Week of 10/1-10/5

This week, the Third Grade will:

  • begin Vocabulary Unit 2 from the Sadlier Vocabulary workbook.
  • continue with Sequence activities from Reading Street supplemental books.
  • complete Grammar Unit 1: Sentences with a review packet and sample tests.
  • continue with Chapter 3: Understand Multiplication, Lesson 3.7
  • review Math Chapter 3: Understand Multiplication.
  • continue with Religion, Chapter 3: Christ Will Come Again.
  • continue with Science, Chapter 1: Types of Living Things and completing an activity in the Science Lab.
  • prepare for the Terra Nova exams by completing a Practice Exam on Thursday, October 4th and learning test-taking strategies.

Tests/Quizzes this week:

  • Math Chapter 3: Understand Multiplication Test- Wednesday, 10/3
  • Vocabulary Unit 2 Quiz- Thursday, 10/4
  • Grammar Unit 1: Sentences Test: Friday, 10/5

Homework for the week:



  1. Reading– Sequence & Visualize Worksheet pg. 27
  2. Vocabulary– Fill in the Blanks pg. 20 and Synonyms and Antonyms pg. 21
  3. Grammar– (Sadlier) pg. 38 Proofreading Exercise with Run-on Sentences


Math: Lesson 3.7 Multiply with 1 and 0 pgs. 181-182

Science: **Due tomorrow, 10/2** Complete the 5 vocabulary flash cards for the following words and definitions:

  • Life Cycle– The changes that happen to an organism during its life.
  • Metamorphosis– A series of changes in appearance that some organisms go through.
  • Larva– The stage of complete metamorphosis after and organism hatches from its egg.
  • Pupa– The stage of complete metamorphosis where an organism is wrapped in a cocoon or a chrysalis.
  • Inherit– To have a trait passed on from parents.



  1. Reading– Sequence worksheet pg. 28
  2. Vocabulary– Completing the Sentence pgs. 22-23 
  3. Grammar- Review packet: Lessons 1 and 2

Math: Study for Chapter 3: Understand Multiplication Test tomorrow, 10/3. Study the Mid-Chapter 3 Quiz, the Chapter 3 Review on pages 183-188, and the vocabulary from the chapter (you can also use your Multiplication Strategies flip book for help with vocabulary!)



  1. Reading– Read “Makoto’s Garden” and answer questions #1-4 (be sure to write in complete sentences for #4!)
  2. Vocabulary– Study for Vocabulary Unit 2 Quiz
  3. Grammar- Review packet: Lessons 5 & 6



  1. Reading– Read “Basketball Practice” and answer questions #1-5 (be sure to write in complete sentences for #4-5!)
  2. Grammar- (Sadlier) pages 42-43 Unit 1: Sentences Review and study for Unit 1: Sentences Test

Math: Online assignment– Chapter 3 Understand Multiplication Post-Test- complete #1-19


  • Please review the Terra Nova Test tips and strategies with your child over the long weekend.
  • Please send your child in with his/her Physical Education Program Policy Letter Notice Receipt by Monday so we can turn them into Coach J. 

No other homework! Enjoy the long weekend 🙂