3rd Grade

Grade 3: Week of 1/28-2/1

This week, the third grade will…

  • CELEBRATE CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK WITH FUN THEMES AND SPECIALLY PLANNED EVENTS! Please check the main Third Grade page for the planned, daily themes and the events scheduled for this week.
  • Review vocabulary from previous units and vocabulary in context strategies.
  • Continue with Grammar, Unit 4: Adverbs using both Sadlier and the NY Ready Book.
  • Prepare for a Social Studies Quiz on our first Country Study: Italy.
  • Create our very own Carnevale masks to wrap up our Country Study on Italy.
  • Continue with Math, Chapter 5, Lesson 5.5 and Chapter 5 Review.

Tests/Quizzes this week:

  • Social Studies Quiz, Country Study: Italy- Wednesday, 1/30

Homework for the week:



  • Reading- (NY Ready Book) Complete pages 466-467 “Using a Dictionary.”
  • Grammar- (Sadlier) Complete page 150.

Math- Complete #4 and 5 on Lesson 5.3 Enrich worksheet.

Social Studies- Continue studying for our Social Studies Quiz on Italy.



  • Grammar- (Sadlier) Complete the writing activity on page 151.

Math- Complete Lesson 5.5 pgs. 291-292.

Social Studies- Study for our Social Studies Quiz on Italy tomorrow.



  • Vocabulary- Read and answer the questions that follow for Units 1-6 Review on pages 64-65.
  • Grammar- Complete Lesson 27 in Unit 4: Adjectives and Adverbs Review Packet.

Math-Log onto ThinkCentral and complete the posted assignment.


No homework! 


  • *Sign & correct (on a separate sheet of paper) the Vocabulary Unit 7 Quiz and Reading Comprehension Test 7 by Monday, February 4th if you have not already done so.*
  • Continue practicing your times tables. Use these helpful links:
    2. Hit The Button
    3. Times Table Grid

No other homework 🙂 Enjoy the weekend!