3rd Grade

Grade 3: Week of 2/25-3/1

This week, the third grade will…

  • Have a wonderful opportunity to host students from neighboring towns for Buddy Week 2019!
  • Share our Vertebrate/Invertebrate booklets, models, and photos with one another.
  • Recap our favorite Winter Break memories in our Writer’s Notebooks.
  • Begin Spelling Unit 9.
  • Dive into “Author’s Purpose” while continuing to strengthen their Main Idea skills using a variety of Reading Street resources.
  • Conclude our Area introduction with Irregular Area and prepare for a Quiz.
  • Begin learning about Perimeter and comparing it to Area.
  • Complete Religion Unit 7: Ordinary Time and review Chapters 1-7 for a Unit 1 in-class review.
  • Begin Unit 5 Pronouns and apply the new concepts to our previously learned and mastered grammar skills.
  • Continue to enhance their understandings of Vertebrates and Invertebrates using Reading Comprehension skills, a Graphic Organizer craft, and an NYS Assessment Chapter 3 Practice Set.

Tests/Quizzes for the week:

  • Area Quiz- Wednesday, 2/27
  • Spelling Unit 9 Quiz- Friday, 3/1

Homework for the week:



  • Spelling- Write our Unit 9 Spelling words in alphabetical order.
  • Reading-
    1. Reading Log due Friday, 3/1.
    2. Author’s Purpose worksheet: Read and respond, page 83.

Math- Complete your Irregular Area Math worksheet. Use the top worksheet stapled to the homework to help you.



  • Spelling- Write sentences for Spelling words #1-5.
  • Reading- Complete the Vocabulary: Context Clues worksheet page 85.
  • Grammar- Complete page 158 of Lesson 34 Subject Pronouns.

Math- Study for your Area Quiz. Use all worksheets sent home to review and create your own problems with different numbers!



  • Spelling- Write sentences for Spelling words #6-10.
  • Reading- Complete the review Main Idea & Details worksheet page 86.
  • Grammar- Complete page 162 “Proofreading” of Lesson 35 Pronoun-Verb Agreement.



  • Spelling- Write Spelling Unit 9 words 3x each and study for Unit 9 Quiz.
  • Reading- Complete your weekly Reading Log by tomorrow, 3/1.
  • Grammar-Complete page 166 of Lesson 36 Object Pronouns.

Math- Measure your assigned object (remember, each side!). Then, add up each side to calculate its perimeter. 


  • *Cover your Go Math Volume 2 Workbooks if you have not already done so by Monday, March 4th if you have not already done so.*
  • Bring in requested classroom supplies by Thursday, March 7th.
  • Begin studying for your Chapter 3 Science Test on Vertebrates and Invertebrates to be given on Tuesday, 3/5. Use all resources sent home (worksheets, packets, flash cards, and the textbook review) to help you.
  • Continue practicing your times tables. Use these helpful links:
    2. Hit The Button
    3. Times Table Grid