Mr. Neun

For the Week of October 21, 2019

                                                                                  For the Week of October 21, 2019

Reminders: The Terra Nova Testing will end on Monday and will affect some classes meeting with math. There is no homework for all classes on Monday.

Tuesday, is dress down day for $2.00. The last day for the cheesecake sale is Friday.

                                                                                                     Eighth Grade:

Tuesday-Friday:  We will continue working on the practicing for the TACH Test. Homework will be assigned based on what is or is not covered.

                                                                                                    Seventh Grade:

Tuesday: On Tuesday, I will introduce Proportional Relationships via Functions. This lesson will cover Tuesday through Friday. For homework on Tuesday, complete page 126.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, we will continue on pages 127-128. For homework complete page 128.

Thursday: On Thursday, we will continue with proportional relationships. For homework complete page 129 and 120.

Friday: On Friday, we will work on proportions and graphs. There is no homework.                                                               


                                                                                                       Sixth Grade:

Tuesday: On Tuesday, we will work on Absolute Value on pages 56 and 57. For homework complete page 57.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, we will work on equivalent fractions on pages 62 and 63. For homework complete page 63.

Thursday: On Thursday, there will be handout on equivalent fraction. For homework study for the quiz on equivalent fraction and absolute value on Friday.

Friday: On Friday, there will be a quiz. There is no homework.

                                                                                                      Fifth Grade:

Tuesday: On Tuesday-Thursday we will cover dividing with decimals. Each night problems will be assigned from the handouts. There will be a quiz on Friday on dividing with decimals.

Friday: On Friday, there will be a quiz. There is no homework.  

There is a Religion test on Friday, based upon the definitions we discussed in class.