Mr. Neun

For The Week of December 9, 2019

                                                                  For the week of December 9, 2019

                                                                                    Eighth Grade:

Tuesday-Thursday we will continue working on The System of Equations for Elimination via Multiplication. Each day the students will receive a handout regarding the topic. Homework will be based upon how many questions are completed in class. There will be test on this topic on Friday. Please take advantage of extra help if you are having a problem with this topic. As of this date no one in the eighth grade has asked for extra help at lunch time!        

                                                                                   Seventh Grade:

Tuesday and Wednesday: Monday through Wednesday the class will be working on interest word problems. Each night, homework will be assigned based upon what has not been completed. There will be test on Thursday.

Friday: On Friday, we will work on time, rate, and principle word problems. There is no homework.

                                                                                     Sixth Grade:   

Tuesday- Thursday: Tuesday- through Thursday we will work on Solving Word Problems Involving Similar Figures. Homework will be based upon what has not been completed in class. There will be a test on Friday.

Friday: On Friday there is a test on similar figures. There is no homework.



                                                                                     Fifth Grade:    

Tuesday: On Tuesday we will be working Graphing Relationships on pages 572 -574. For homework finish page 574.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, we will be working on pages 575-576. For homework complete page 577.

Thursday: On Thursday, we will work on pages 577 and 578. For homework, study for the test on Friday regarding Graphing Relationships.

Friday: On Friday, there will be a test. There is no homework.