Mr. Neun

For the Week of 3/4/2019

                                                                              For the Week of 3/4/2019

                                                                                         Eighth Grade:

Monday: On Monday, we will continue working on the volume of cones. For homework finish page 409.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, we will start working on volume of Spheres. For homework finish page 414.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, we will finish page 415 and start working on the project that will cover the volume of cylinders, cones, and spheres. For homework please collect any cylinder shaped objects, for example a can from a beverage or a coffee can, any size ball, and any cone shaped object.

Thursday: On Thursday, we will in group’s measure the objects volume that was collected for the project. There is no homework.

                                                                            Seventh and Sixth Grade:

Both grades will be working on the packets that are derived from the state site. This site provides prior test that will reflect the tests in May. For homework for both classes please complete at least three problems, past the page we finish on for that day. Every day allows for new topic to be discussed and analyzed whether a student is taking the test in May or not, the topics reviewed will appear either this, or next year on tests.

                                                                                      Fifth Grade:

Monday: On Monday, we will begin the topic of measurement in the Go Math Book. For homework do problems seven to nine on page 587.

Tuesday: On Tuesday, greater than, less than, or equal too we will be incorporated with measurements. For homework do problems 13-15 on page 589.

Wednesday: On Wednesday, we will begin liquid measurement. For homework do problems 20 and 21 on page 593.

Thursday: On Thursday, we will be working on liquid measurements and word problems. There is no homework.