Mr. Neun

For the week 10/23/17

For all four classes there will be a test on Wednesday. Under each grade the specifics along with the homework will be indicated. Every class is aware of the test topics!

                                                                                                          Eight Grade

Monday-Homework -The students are to create five problems as we discussed on page 44 of the workbook dealing with radicals.

Tuesday-Homework -Review your notes for Wednesdays Test. The topics are: volume, The Metric System, and Scientific Notation.

Wednesday- Today, they will take the test and there is no homework.

Thursday:  For homework  the student is to create five multiple stepped radical problems.

Friday There is no homework.

                                                                                                        Seventh Grade

Monday- Today we will CONTINUE working on Expressions. For homework the students will have to create five problems similar to those found on page 20 of the workbook  and solve those problems as well. We will be working on page 20 in class!

Tuesday- We will review for the test. The Topics  are: Order of Operations, Finding the points on a graph, and less than or greater than. For homework study the topics that are stated. 

Wednesday- Test Day and there is no homework.

Thursday- We will be working on page 34 in the workbook. The students are to create and solve five similar problems, as illustrated on page 34.

Friday-There is no homework.


                                                                                                         Sixth Grade

Monday- Homework page 32 numbers 16-21.

Tuesday: Study for homework the topics: Exponents,  Scientific Notation, and multiplying and dividing with decimals.

Wednesday- Testing and there is no homework. 

Thursday- Homework, page 36, one through eight.

Friday- There is no homework.

                                                                                                         Fifth Grade

Monday- For homework, six through eight on page 24.

Tuesday: Study for the test on topics: Adding and subtracting with decimals, Order of Operations, and Factoring.

Wednesday- Test day and there is no homework.

Thursday- Homework page 43 numbers 36-39.

Friday- There is no homework.