Dear Families,

I just wanted to thank all of you for all of the cards, gifts, treats and deliveries that I have received over the past two weeks.  The amount of love you have shown is overwhelming and I am forever grateful. I wish you all a relaxing and safe summer.  I hope I see you around town! I’m always available by phone or email if the kids want to chat! I love you all! Thank you again for your support, cooperation and LOVE!!!!

God bless you all.


Mrs. I

Step-Up Ceremony

Pre-K 2 and 3 Step-up Ceremony Monday, June 15 9:30 am

Please use meeting ID: 874-346-4474  Password: 685866

Looking forward to seeing all of my babies tomorrow!

Car Parade at 12PM in front of OLGCA. Line up is on 100th Street- Gemma’s mom will lead the way!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I promise to TRY not to cry tomorrow! 

Step Up Information

It’s hard to believe that it is June and after all that we have been through as a community and nation that your sweet little ones who I love and miss so much will be stepping up in less than 2 weeks.  Our year was filled with lots of love and smiles and laughter both in class and on our zoom calls and pre K missions.  I have NEVER been more proud of a group of children in my life.  They transitioned to this new way of life, having everything they knew to be normal taken away from them in a split second.  Thank you for supporting the children and myself through these difficult times.  I am proud of all of you as well!

Our Step-Up Ceremony will take place on Monday, June 15th at 9:30am.  This will be a live program that we will being practicing today.  I will however ask for the following to be pre recorded in the event that we have internet or Zoom issues on that day.  I want to be prepared with a plan B. Should we be unable to go through our entire program, the pre-recorded edit will be posted on this page as well as emailed to each of you.  I am crossing my fingers that our plans for the live version will go off without a hitch!

You will be receiving a delivery early next week with your child’s cap, diploma, Step-Up program and some surprises from me. I will let you know when these items will be delivered to your doorstep for a contactless delivery.  Once you receive them, please take a picture of your child with the cap on,  holding their diploma and send it to me. I also ask that you record your child saying the following, wearing their cap:

My name is______.

I am __ years old.

When I grow up I want to be_______. 

Please join me on a Zoom call this evening, Thursday, June 4, at 7:30pm to discuss the plans for the live ceremony.  

Meeting ID: 874 346 4474

Password: 685866

Looking forward to seeing you all this evening!


What’s all the FOSSIL about????

As we are learning about dinosaurs we know that we can’t find out things about these creatures from actual dinosaurs because they are EXTINCT or no longer alive in the world.  We use FOSSILS to help us understand how dinosaurs lived and what their days were like. Watch the video below to learn more about fossils and how they help PALEONTOLOGISTS or people who study dinosaurs.

Hope your week is Dino-mite!

This week we will be learning about…DINOSAURS!!! Yes Michelle, the time has finally come! We will be taking a look at these prehistoric creatures and learning some fun facts.  Did you know that scientists believe that even the largest dinosaurs like the T-Rex had feathers?  Neither did I! Watch the video below and choose something that interests you about dinosaurs to tell me about next week.  Print out the dinosaur packet to use throughout our classes. Have fun!



dinosaur packet

Safari Time!

Safaris are a popular tourist attraction across Africa.  The word safari comes from the Swahili word meaning journey.  Let’s go on safari together to see which animals we can find! use the safari checklist in the packet below so you can tell me which animals you found! Safe travels!!!

The packet also includes writing practice, counting and beginning word sounds that can be completed at your child’s own pace.


Let’s get WILD!!!

This week we will be learning about the jungle and animals that live there.  What animals do you think we would see on a safari through Africa or Asia? Watch the video below to see who we can find in the jungle!

Let’s Measure!

We will begin learning about different tools we use to measure height, weight and temperature! Can you tell me how tall you are in inches? how much do you weigh? Ask your mom or dad if they have a scale so you can see how mush you weigh!


Did you know that dolphins are one of the smartest animals ever!? They communicate with one another using clicking and whistling sounds.  Dolphins travel in groups called pods which is like their very own little family.  Watch the video below to learn even more interesting facts about dolphins!