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Letter from Maria Petraglia 

Dear OLGCA Students, Parents, Grandparents, Guardians, Teachers, Staff,

Many of you may know me as an alumni parent and a Board Member at OLGCA for the last five years.  I have been heartbroken and saddened with this devastating decision as I know that you feel the same way.  

Over the last two weeks we had several meetings with the Diocese to discuss OLGCA.  We were hopeful for a positive outcome.  Our terrific OLGCA families and parishioners came up with a great plan and worked tirelessly to enroll 25 families, they worked on great ideas for blended learning and on a proposed budget for 2020-2021 over just one weekend.   

We thought for sure we would be given another chance especially since the horrific recent events with protests, destruction that have been taking place in our city and society, the need for more God in our lives.  We really believed that the investment would be in the children, to increase their values, their faith in God and have a foundation based on God’s word as that would be profitable enough for the Diocese.  

Despite our best efforts to convince the Diocese to give us a chance to work out the kinks, come up with other plans to increase enrollment, work on creative ways to increase the school finances.  The reason they gave was that we needed 220 students to be a viable school and have a surplus in funds.  Therefore, unfortunately, we fell short on their requirements and it came down to dollars and cents and the lack of enrollment.  Since the Board all voted “No” to close the school, we were relinquished of our Board Position and their decision overrode us.  We were defeated.

OLGCA has been a school in this community for over 100 years and has taught many generations.  A beautiful building as the first thing that you see when you enter is the statue of Mother Mary.  The school halls and classrooms were filled with beautiful artwork, class projects and a feeling of belonging. 

We had the best fund-raising Chair, Doreen DeCandia along with her team who knew how to raise thousands of dollars for OLGCA, between Parish Bazaars and the best, theme oriented sold-out Ladies Night Out year after year.  Joe DeCandia who supplied catering for countless school events and hired OLGCA graduates and neighborhood kids to work at his establishments.  A true example of giving back to their community and the true meaning of being an OLGCA family.

We had a great homeschool association led by Mary Griffith who implemented enriching activities for student learning.  Supportive parents, guardians and grandparents who dedicated their time during lunch, recess, and any reason to be of assistance.  OLGCA had the best Christmas Concerts with a special thank you to Mr. Modiferi who volunteered endless hours and rehearsed with the students.  My heart would sing with joy just to hear the children sing songs about the real meaning of Christmas and Jesus, I was happy that the students were able to sing freely about God, Jesus and the Holy Family without any restriction and expressed their faith. The endless list of awesome events, breakfast with Santa, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny.  Moving up ceremonies were adorable, fun, and creative.

Father Marc who celebrated mass for our students at 8:30am mass twice a week and taught religion class, a true instrument of instilling the word of God into the students’ lives.  The Teachers who worked at OLGCA for over 20 years and others who would drive 2 hours each way to teach the students and dedicate their mornings and lunch hours to give extra help and those who dressed as the Easter bunny and visited her students at their homes during the pandemic.  The teachers and staff gave their 100% and more.  Dana, the school secretary who was a superstar, thorough and responsive.  Amaury, the custodian who went above and beyond his call of duty always with a smile. 

Mr. Castro who took care of OLGCA’s social media and posted all the wonderful special moments that took place at OLGCA and worked so hard on the virtual 8th grade graduation.  Ms. McManus, our Principal who was a terrific leader and had been such an asset and worked tirelessly year after year.  The students excelled in their state exams and all were accepted into their high schools of choice.  

The OLGCA Board – Chris Johnson, Allison Mestrandrea, Stella Pepi, Paul Grassi, and myself.  We spent countless hours on calls, meetings and worked behind the scenes and did our best to make a difference. We volunteered for this role because we were alumni parents, we cared about OLGCA and the HB community.  We thank you for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this great institution.  We hope and pray that Catholic Education will continue to instill Christian values in the hearts and minds of our children.  


Thank you to:

Ms. Marybeth McManus, Principal

Mrs. Dana Soehngen, Administrative Assistant 

Amaury Duran, Head Custodian  

Alex Sanchez, Custodian

Mr. Castro, Social Media

Phyllis Inserillo, Nursery 2yr old and Pre-K 3 yr old

            Jessica Genna

            Jessica Grimaldi-Parente

            Jillian Provvisiero

            Carol Renna

Ms. Kathleen Banach, UPK – 1B

            Rosemarie Russo

            Anna Patruno

Ms.Vanessa Brancato, UPK – 1C

            AnnMarie Famighetti

            Mary Thomas

Ms. Samantha Suarez, Kindergarten

            Nancy Termini

Ms. Caroline Murray, 1st Grade

Ms. Nicole Genovese, 2nd Grade

Mrs. Cristina Leto / Ms. Julie Frey, 3rd Grade

Mrs. Sara Cuccio, 4th Grade

Mr. Robert Neun, 5th Grade

Mrs. Jennifer Giacalone, 6th Grade

Ms. Victoria Amuso, 7th Grade

Mr. Vincent DiPiazza, 8th Grade

Elisabetta Franchi, Italian

Ms. Loredana Sindone, Art

Mrs. Jennifer Limitone, Computers

Mr. John McGuire, Gym

Frank Palmenteri, Bookkeeper

Janice Borrello, Receptionist

Aqeela Zainul, School Nurse

A special THANK YOU to the amazing, smart, respectful students who called OLGCA their home.  May God Bless You, Guide You and Protect You ALWAYS.

Best wishes,

Maria Petraglia 

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Summer instructional activites

Dear Families,

Welcome to Summer! We thank you for the time and effort you have invested in your child’s education, particularly over the past few months. Distance learning has been a challenge for all and we applaud you (and your child) for making the best of these unprecedented times. The end of the school year hasn’t been what anyone would have expected but we are happy to welcome summer and hopefully some time to relax and recharge.

As we move into summer, we would like to provide options for at-home enrichment. The summer months are an important time to relax and unwind but are also an opportunity to keep your child engaged and on track for the fall. Attached you will find summer choice boards to use with your child. It is important to note that these are NOT required. This is simply a tool to provide parents with activities and ideas for summer enrichment.

How it Works:

Download a packet of choice boards that match your child’s grade level. Choice boards are grouped by grade level band based on the grade your child has completed. For example, a child finishing 1st grade will use the K-1 document. Each page of the document is one week of themed activities (6 weeks total) with different activities in categories such as reading, writing, math, STEM, etc. Each activity follows a theme for the week but can be done independently of all other activities. For example, all activities in week two are about ice cream but you do not need to complete the activities in any particular order so your child can pick and choose the activities that interest them. You can also use grade level bands above or below your child’s grade based on your child’s needs.

What do I Need?

As you view the choice boards, you will notice that they are divided by subject/ category. Materials needed are italicized in the top of the boxes. Many items will likely be available in your home or easily accessed at the supermarket. For reading activities and some of the other categories, you will need device with internet access. Texts sourced from can be accessed using the following login info:

School: Brooklyn Reads Elementary

Username: brooklyn

Password: read

My Child (and I) are Tired of School

Your child might be tired from weeks of distance learning and the stress of our current situation. This is not intended to add to anyone’s stress or become a point of contention in your household. To make this seem less like “school” you can:

• Empower your child to choose the activities themselves. Let them pick what they are interested in (i.e. complete all the math activities first)

• Challenge your child to see how many boxes they can complete in a week

• Designate a short (20-30 min) block of time to complete an activity and then offer free choice time

• Use the board like tic-tac-toe and try to complete a whole column or row across.

Keep in mind that you don’t necessarily need structured activities to “do enrichment.” Trips to the library, talking about books, taking a walk and talking about what you see, planning a trip together, cooking by following a recipe, and even going to the grocery store discussing quantity and pricing are all learning opportunities. Do what is comfortable for you and your family. Take time to relax, unwind, and enjoy your summer. We look forward to our time together in September.

Summer Instructional Activities–Letter to Families

Summer Instructional Plans…Gr. 2-3 July

PlansSummer Instructional Plans…Gr. 4-5 July Plans.

Summer Instructional Plans…Gr. 6-7 July Plans

Summer Instructional Plans…Gr. K-1 July Plans

Summer Instructional Plans…Nursery-PK July Plans

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2020 Summer Reading Calendar

Nursery Pre-K 3A/B


Dear Families,

I just wanted to thank all of you for all of the cards, gifts, treats and deliveries that I have received over the past two weeks.  The amount of love you have shown is overwhelming and I am forever grateful. I wish you all a relaxing and safe summer.  I hope I see you around town! I’m always available by phone or email if the kids want to chat! I love you all! Thank you again for your support, cooperation and LOVE!!!!

God bless you all.


Mrs. I

3rd Grade

Grade 3: Week of 6/15-6/19

This week, the third grade will…

  • Complete all final assignments and projects by Monday, 6/15.
  • Review Grammar lessons on Capitalization, Punctuation and Parts of Speech.
  • Read poetry about summer and create an illustration in response.
  • Reflect on your learning and view classmates’ projects.
  • Complete your third grade year 🙂

Graded Assignments:

  • Please submit all graded work by Monday, 6/15

Monday 6/15:

*Zoom Meeting at 1:30 pm: Grammar, Math

  • Work on any remaining graded assignments and send images of your work tonight.
  • Grammar: Review Unit 6 and Parts of Speech on Zoom today.
  • Reading: Read a few poems from the Summer Poems material file (on Google Classroom under ELA). Tomorrow, you will finish reading the poems and create an illustration inspired by a poem of your choice (from the selections).
  • Math: Review Perimeter/Area problems on Zoom.
  • Religion: View your classmates’ final projects (under Religion on Google Classroom). Read about a symbol other than the symbol that you’ve already researched and find 1-2 sentences that summarize its meaning. Send an image of your work.


Tuesday 6/16:

*Zoom Meeting at 1:30 pm: Reading

  • Reading: Read Dear Children of the Earth by Schim Schimmel together on Zoom.
  • Finish reading summer poems and choose one to illustrate. Your illustration doesn’t need to show everything in the poem. I’d recommend focusing on certain words or phrases that spark your imagination. Send an image of your work.
  • Social Studies: View your classmates’ Country Study Research Reports (on Google Classroom under Social Studies) and choose one that you’d like to read. Read thoroughly and write down 2 facts that you learned. Send an image of your work.
  • Complete Quotations practice WS’s on Google Classroom under ELA.
  • Answer the following questions:
  1. What did you enjoy learning about this year?
  2. What was the hardest part of distance learning? Be specific.
  3. What have you done that you are most proud of this year?

Send an image of your answers.


  • Art – Check your Art Google Classroom page for assignments: Class code: l7w2mto

Wednesday 6/17- Thursday 6/18:

  • Complete activities online with the Diocese of Brooklyn.

Friday 6/19: Last day!

  • Attend Prayer Service.
  • Download Summer work.
  • Celebrate all of your achievements and hard work! 🙂
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Parent June Newsletter

June 15, 2020

Dear Our Lady of Grace Community

          I hope everyone had a good and safe weekend. Composing this newsletter is a bittersweet moment.  The bitter part being this parent newsletter to you all will be my last newsletter for this academic school year.  The sweet part being that we all have made it to the end of this academic school year TOGETHER. 

          We can all agree this school year is like one we have never seen before. 

          We have gone from fighting COVID-19 to fighting against the hate in the world.  We have made it to the end of the school year together, but we still have a lot of work to do as parents and educators for our children.   Mr. Rogers once said, “As human beings, our job in life is to help people realize how rare and valuable each one of us really is, that each of us has something that no one else has- or ever will have- something inside that is unique to all time. It’s our job to encourage each other to discover that uniqueness and to provide ways of developing its expression.”  As influential figures to our young minds it is important parents have those tough conversations with their children and it is important as educators, we create a safe space for children to explore and learn about themselves and others.    

          As parents/guardians all we want for our children is to see them happy and healthy.  But happiness and healthiness start from within.  As adults we know no one is perfect and we should embrace all of our parts, flaws and all.  We must come together and teach our children this same mindset.  We must remember our children we are like a box of crayons.  Like a box of crayons, no two colors are alike, but all the crayons are important and have a purpose.  If even one crayon is missing the box is incomplete.  These kids are the future and it is our duty to encourage them to be their true authentic self and love others for doing the same thing. 

          There are many free resources out there to help navigate these conversations. 

          You can continue to educate yourself on how to speak to your child on the current events in the world by using platforms like Sesame Street or our PDHP YouTube page:


Before I close out this final parent letter there are a few people I need to thank for providing this opportunity to work with you all.

Thank you to The Diocese of Brooklyn and The Mother Cabrini Program. 

Thank you to Ms. McManus for sharing these weekly newsletters with the Our Lady of Grace school community.

Thank you to those families who have continue to read the weekly letters.

Last but certainly not least, I would like to thank Dr. Tom Chadzutko for giving me this opportunity to work with these families and school community. 

Ms. Ramsingh

3rd Grade 4th grade Cuccio Miss. Binanti Mr. Neun Mrs. Cuccio Mrs. Giacalone Ms. Amuso Physical Education

6/15/20 pe

2nd Grade

Week of 6/15-6/19





  • Below you will find the plans for this week. Read going down in columns.
  • Work will be posted and uploaded to each section on Google Classroom.
  • Superkids, Reading, Spelling, Vocabulary and Grammar will be found in the ELA section on Google Classroom.
  • Follow the plans listed below. under each subject on G.C. there will be topics within that section where the work will be uploaded to.

lesson plan chart June15-16

Nursery Pre-K 3A/B Uncategorized

Step-Up Ceremony

Pre-K 2 and 3 Step-up Ceremony Monday, June 15 9:30 am

Please use meeting ID: 874-346-4474  Password: 685866

Looking forward to seeing all of my babies tomorrow!

Car Parade at 12PM in front of OLGCA. Line up is on 100th Street- Gemma’s mom will lead the way!

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!! I promise to TRY not to cry tomorrow! 

1st Grade

First Grade for the Week of 6/15

First Grade for the Week of 6-15