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Welcome to Art at Our Lady of Grace Catholic Academy!

My overall goals are to motivate students to express themselves visually and creatively through artistic thought and action while they build a foundation of art knowledge and skills through the elements of art and principles of design. 

Art education is for all students. It provides learning opportunities for the artistically talented, as well as for students who may never produce art outside the classroom. In whichever category your child is in, art class will be a learning, encouraging and enriching part of your child’s day. My goal is to make sure that everyone is an artist in and out of the classroom, nurturing their talent, and to thrive with challenging, innovative methods of creating a masterpiece. Self-esteem is paramount, giving the students a feeling that they can do something and are more than capable to do so. If you can draw a square, triangle, and a straight line then you can draw anything.

Art assignments are designed to bring students an understanding of  color, line, texture, proportion and most importantly, to provide them an outlet to explore their creativity.

We have studied ‘color’ by exploring the symmetry and expressionism in the cup designs of Henri Matisse. “Abstract art” explored by use of overlapping circles – illustrating students imaginative use of color, line and texture. Perspective, blending and proportion illustrated in the students landscape designs. Blending and shading techniques, different mediums (pastel, pencil, crayon), art history (lives & styles of the ‘masters’) all studied to enhance the students understanding and appreciation of the arts and to encourage them to observe their surroundings more carefully.

Researchers have found that the teaching of art results in measurable physical changes in the brain, enhancing a students’ attentional skills and his/her ability to make mental connections. Research also shows art education builds many of the cognitive skills that are in high demand in the business and professional worlds – skills like critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Schools must do more than simply prepare students to achieve high test scores. Art education helps students see the world from multiple angles and connecting this with the larger curriculum enhances a schools ability to produce our transformative global leaders of tomorrow.


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