Aquinas Honor Society


This year, Ave Maria Catholic Academy joins approximately 40 select Diocesan schools in offering the Aquinas Honor Society to our 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.  The Aquinas Honor Society is an umbrella program of the Diocese of Brooklyn that exists to promote excellence in education by providing intellectually engaging experiences for students who are academically capable of advanced work, as well as those students who are committed to developing their unique gifts and talents.  Aquinas members are students who have shown the potential for an exceptional level of performance in one or more areas of expression.

An Aquinas member is a steward, one who receives God’s gifts gratefully, cultivates them responsibly, shares them in loving justice with others, and returns them with joy to the Lord.

Criteria:  Students should be selected based upon these demonstrable academic abilities:

1) A score of 75th percentile or above on Terra Nova

2) An average of 90 and above on report card

3) Personal growth of good or excellent

4) Students must have the recommendation of two teachers, which should be based on the following:

a) Motivation and willingness to share their talents

b) Exhibition of creativity

c) Demonstration of leadership qualities

d) Initiative

e) Commitment to the success of the program

Goals of Aquinas Society of the Diocese of Brooklyn: 

1) Develop student gifts and talents

2) Enhance academic program through self directed learning skills

3) Expand divergent thinking through inquiry based activities

4) Incorporate thematic teaching

5) Provide opportunities for enriched learning experiences that help students to interact appropriately with other students, teachers and other adults with expertise in areas of interest

6) Develop interdisciplinary skills

The Aquinas Society members spend the school year researching a topic and then will present their research project at the Aquinas Expo in the Spring.

Guidelines for Aquinas Society Expo Projects:

1) Interdisciplinary in nature and inquiry based with evidence of research in APA format

2) Clear representation of the creative work of the students in a three dimensional format 3) Inclusion of a written display that outlines the main themes of the work

Aquinas projects should incorporate technology and include a visual representation that outlines the main themes of the work.  Students should be able to clearly articulate their work.